Does Conan the Destroyer have end credit scenes?


Conan the Destroyer does not have end credit scenes.

Conan the Destroyer

Conan the Destroyer


In a realm where magic and might collide, Conan the Destroyer embarks on a perilous quest to claim a powerful gemstone. Joined by a diverse band of allies, the fearless warrior conquers formidable foes, both human and otherworldly, in a thrilling adventure that showcases Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature sword-fighting prowess.

Runtime: 103 min

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As Conan (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his cunning companion, Malak, face off against Queen Taramis of Shadizar, she puts their mettle to the test by dispatching a squadron of her elite guards. Satisfied with their prowess, she presents Conan with an intriguing quest: escort Princess Jehnna, the innocent niece of the Queen herself, to retrieve the fabled Heart of Ahriman gemstone, which is crucial in locating the coveted jeweled horn of Dagoth, the dreaming god. The catch lies in the fact that Bombaata, the trusted captain of Taramis's guard, has secretly been ordered to eliminate Conan once the gem is secured.

Conan and Malak set their sights on the fortress stronghold of a powerful wizard, where the coveted gemstone resides. To achieve this, they seek the expertise of Akiro, the wise and enigmatic Wizard of the Mounds, who just so happens to be held captive by a tribe of flesh-hungry cannibals. Upon freeing Akiro from his predicament, the group encounters Zula, a formidable warrior being brutally tortured by vengeful villagers. Jehnna's pleas for mercy prompt Conan to intervene and rescue Zula, who subsequently offers her services in exchange for their quest.

As they near the foreboding castle of Thoth-Amon, where the gemstone lies hidden, the adventurers are met with an unexpected turn of events: the wizard himself, disguised as a majestic bird, swoops down to snatch Jehnna from under their very noses. Akiro, ever the astute seer, divines this treachery and also uncovers a secret entrance to the castle via a hidden water gate.

As they frantically search for their abducted companion, Conan becomes separated from his comrades and finds himself pitted against a terrifying, shape-shifting creature in a hall of mirrors. Despite his valiant efforts, Conan's blows seem to pass harmlessly through the monster, but he soon realizes that breaking the reflective surfaces is the key to weakening its defenses. By systematically shattering each mirror, Conan ultimately mortally wounds and unmasks the beast as Thoth-Amon himself. The wizard's demise triggers a chain reaction of events, culminating in the castle's collapse, prompting their hasty retreat.

Their escape is short-lived, however, as they're ambushed by Taramis's guards. Akiro's cunning and Conan's brawn prove too much for their attackers, allowing them to repel the assault. Bombaata, ever the chameleon, feigns ignorance about the attack, his true loyalties remaining shrouded in mystery.

As they finally lay eyes on the gemstone, its mystical energies reveal the location of the fabled jeweled horn. Meanwhile, Jehnna's romantic inclinations towards Conan are met with a resolute rejection, as he remains steadfastly devoted to Valeria, his lost love.

As they finally set foot within the ancient temple's walls, Conan's companions, Akiro (deciphering cryptic inscriptions) and Jehnna, uncover the treasured horn. However, their revelatory moment is short-lived, as Akiro's deciphering reveals a dark prophecy: Jehnna will be ritually sacrificed to awaken the malevolent Dagoth. The temple's priests, guarding the horn with fervor, launch a surprise attack on the intruders. In the chaos that ensues, Bombaata (Conan's former ally) seizes Jehnna, revealing his true intentions.

In the aftermath of this treachery, Conan and his remaining allies – Zula, Malak, and Akiro – manage to escape the temple's wrath and set their sights on Shadizar, determined to rescue Jehnna from Bombaata's clutches. Upon arriving in the city, they enlist the aid of a trusted insider, Malak, who guides them through a secret passage to the throne room.

Confronting his former ally turned nemesis, Conan engages Bombaata in mortal combat and ultimately claims victory over him. Meanwhile, Zula intervenes just in time to prevent the Grand Vizier from sacrificing Jehnna, buying her companions crucial seconds to counterattack. Dagoth, now freed by the insertion of the horn into his brow, awakens as a monstrous behemoth, wreaking havoc on Taramis and Conan alike.

As the dust settles, Zula and Malak join forces with Conan to vanquish the newly animated Dagoth. Akiro, meanwhile, shares a crucial revelation: the horn's power sustains Dagoth's existence; with newfound determination, Conan rips the offending object from its brow, then deals the final blow.

With Dagoth defeated and his dark influence lifted, Queen Jehnna – now freed from her impending doom – offers her companions new roles within her realm: Zula as captain of the guard, Akiro as royal advisor, and Malak as court jester. However, Conan declines her offer to rule alongside her and instead sets out to forge his own destiny, leaving behind a tantalizing hint that this chapter marks merely the beginning of another tale.