Does Central Intelligence have end credit scenes?


Central Intelligence has end credit scenes.

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence


When a former high school nerd turned CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson) returns for his reunion, he reunites with the class clown who's now a staid accountant. As they navigate a world of bullets, betrayals, and espionage, the unlikely duo finds themselves in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that threatens to take them down - or get them killed.

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It's 1996 at Lincoln High School, where the star athlete and golden boy Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) is basking in the adoration of his peers during Senior Assembly. Just as he's hitting his stride, Trevor Olson (Jason Bateman) and a coterie of rowdy bullies swoop in to steal the spotlight - literally. They pounce on young Robbie Wierdicht (Sione Kelepi), who's caught off guard while showering, and unceremoniously toss him into the midst of the Senior Assembly. The collective embarrassment is palpable as the crowd bursts into raucous laughter, leaving Calvin and his girlfriend Maggie (Danielle Nicolet) as the only ones not in on the joke. Robbie slinks away, his dignity in tatters, clad in Calvin's jacket for modesty's sake.

Two decades later, Calvin has traded in his athletic prowess for a life of number-crunching monotony as an accountant. Meanwhile, Maggie has soared to new heights as a partner at her law firm, leaving their marriage feeling increasingly unfulfilling. In a last-ditch effort to resuscitate their relationship, she suggests they seek the help of a therapist - a move Calvin is less than enthusiastic about.

Meanwhile, Calvin's mundane routine takes an unexpected turn when he receives a friend request on Facebook from Bob Stone (Dwayne Jhonson), who reveals himself to be none other than Robbie Wierdicht. The former shower-day victim has undergone a stunning transformation into a towering, chiseled force of nature, with a newfound confidence that's both captivating and intimidating. When Bob drops by Calvin's house for an impromptu visit, he effortlessly dispatches a group of four would-be tough guys who try to bully them - a display of strength that leaves Calvin agog.

As the evening wears on, Bob lingers at Calvin's place, dodging his questions about his enigmatic business dealings and instead divesting himself of accounting records. As Calvin digs deeper, he uncovers a trail of suspicious transactions linked to an upcoming auction, with a final payment set to be made the very next day. Bob's evasive maneuvers only pique Calvin's curiosity further, culminating in an impromptu overnight guest on his couch - a situation that sets the stage for a series of events that will upend Calvin's life and force him to confront the consequences of his own complacency.

The morning after a clandestine encounter with an enigmatic figure, CIA operative Pamela Harris (Amy Ryan) descends upon Calvin's humble abode, accompanied by a team of seasoned agents. Her presence is a harbinger of chaos, as she seeks to apprehend Bob, a rogue agent with a penchant for subterfuge. In a daring escape, Bob manages to erase all signs of his existence, leaving behind only the faintest whispers of his intentions.

As Pam's team closes in on Calvin at his office, Bob reappears, this time as an uninvited guest. With a calculating gaze, he reveals his true nature: a man consumed by a singular mission to thwart the nefarious plans of the Black Badger, a criminal mastermind hell-bent on peddling satellite codes to the highest bidder. Bob's plan hinges on Calvin's expertise as a forensic accountant; only with his skills can they pinpoint the coordinates of the deal's location.

Their conversation is cut short by an unexpected assault from a ruthless bounty hunter, whose arrival sets off a chain reaction of events that sends Calvin scrambling for cover. In a desperate bid to regroup and reassess, he reaches out to Maggie, summoning her to a clandestine meeting at the local marriage counselor's office.

Little do they know, Pam has been tracking their every move, and it is she who intercepts Calvin, revealing the devastating truth: Bob, the very individual Calvin had entrusted with his life, is none other than the Black Badger himself – a cold-blooded killer responsible for the gruesome murder of Phil Stanton. With this knowledge comes a stern warning: Calvin must keep Maggie in the dark about the true nature of their predicament, lest he risk putting her in harm's way.

As Calvin arrives at the marriage counselor's office, seemingly oblivious to the danger that lurks within, Bob lies in wait, masquerading as the therapist. It is here, hidden away in a closet, that the game of cat and mouse reaches its fever pitch – with Calvin unwittingly trapped in the midst of it all.

As Bob's desperation grows, he persuades Calvin to join forces with him in their quest for the elusive account number that holds the key to uncovering the deal's clandestine location. Calvin, ever the cunning operative, sets up a meeting with Trevor, only to be met with a cruel twist of fate. Trevor, donning an air of faux penitence, feigns a spiritual awakening, apologizing for his earlier prank while simultaneously poking fun at Bob and Calvin's predicament. This taunting display leaves Bob reeling once more, as if struck by the cruel hand of fate.

Meanwhile, Pam seizes the opportunity to exert her authority, summoning Calvin with a veiled threat aimed directly at Maggie's well-being. Faced with an impossible choice, Calvin is forced to betray Bob and ultimately succumbs to the CIA's relentless pressure. As Pam subjects Bob to a merciless grilling, seeking to extract a confession from him, a pangs of guilt beset Calvin, prompting him to reevaluate his loyalties.

Seizing the moment, Calvin seizes Harris in her own handcuffs, orchestrating a daring escape with Bob that leaves them both shaken but unbroken. As they plot their next move, Calvin deduces that the deal is set to go down in Boston and masterfully facilitates Bob's acquisition of a plane. Mid-flight, Bob conjures up a ruse, feigning an engine failure that threatens to leave them plummeting towards disaster. This ploy forces Calvin to confront his own shortcomings as a father, revealing an unspoken desire to bestow a child upon Maggie.

Upon landing in Boston, Calvin's keen intuition leads him to suspect that the deal is being brokered in an underground parking garage. Bob, ever the lone wolf, decides to take matters into his own hands and ventures into the garage alone. However, when Pam reappears, Calvin misinterprets her presence and assumes she is none other than the enigmatic Black Badger. In a flash of panic, he gives chase, only to be met with Bob's cunning ruse: masquerading as the Black Badger himself while negotiating with the buyer. As Bob shoots Calvin, grazing his neck and sending him tumbling down a stairwell, it becomes clear that this was merely a desperate ploy to keep Calvin out of harm's way.

As the unexpected twist unfolds, Phil (Aaron Paul) makes a dramatic appearance, claiming to be the authentic Black Badger. The buyer's attempts to extract information from both Phil and Bob are swiftly interrupted by the CIA's arrival, sparking a chaotic shootout. Amidst the mayhem, Calvin seizes both sets of codes and makes a hasty escape outside, where he encounters the two claimants to the Black Badger mantle, engaged in a fierce battle. Struggling to distinguish between good and evil, Calvin takes aim blindly and strikes Bob down, allowing Phil to deliver a crushing blow that leaves him unconscious. With his conscience finally clear, Phil confesses to being the true Black Badger and reveals Bob's innocence. Just as all hope seems lost, Calvin creates a diversion, enabling Bob to exact a brutal revenge on Phil, silencing the imposter once and for all. In the aftermath of the carnage, Bob and Calvin deliver the codes to Pam, who then discreetly deposits them at their high school reunion. As they walk in together, Calvin reconciles with Maggie, sharing a heartfelt moment that signals a new beginning.

Meanwhile, Bob, now freed from his tumultuous past, takes center stage as Homecoming King, his triumphant speech punctuated by a reliving of his most cringe-worthy high-school memory. With an air of newfound confidence, he strips off his clothes and strides confidently offstage to reunite with his long-held crush, Darla (Melissa McCarthy), sharing a tender kiss that marks a new chapter in their lives.

As the credits roll, a surprise revelation hints at Maggie's future, while Calvin has already traded his civilian life for a role within the CIA. In a heartwarming gesture, Bob returns Calvin's cherished varsity jacket from their high school days, marking a poignant closure to their complicated past.