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Candyman has end credit scenes.




In the gentrified heart of Chicago's Cabrini Green, a new era of prosperity has emerged, but the legacy of terror still lurks. When visual artist Anthony McCoy stumbles upon the dark history behind Candyman, he unwittingly unleashes a maelstrom of violence and chaos that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

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In the midst of a creative dry spell, Anthony McCoy (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) finds himself stuck in a rut, his artistic vision as barren as the Chicago landscape he calls home. His girlfriend, Brianna Cartwright (Teyonah Parris), an art gallery director, tries to keep him grounded, but even her efforts can't shake off the feeling of stagnation that has taken hold of Anthony's soul. One fateful evening, Brianna's brother Troy (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) regales them with a chilling tale about Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen), a white graduate student who went on a bloody rampage in the early 1990s, culminating in a fiery sacrifice outside the Cabrini-Green projects. The eerie atmosphere and tragic outcome of her story seem to awaken something within Anthony, driving him to seek inspiration among the crumbling high-rises that dominate the city's skyline.

As he wanders through the desolate streets, Anthony stumbles upon William Burke (Colman Domingo), a quiet launderette owner who shares with him the haunting tale of Candyman. The legend speaks of Sherman Fields (Michael Hargrove), a hook-handed man whose gruesome fate was sealed when he inadvertently alerted the police to his presence in the walls of one of the tower blocks, leading them to brutalize him to death. It's said that if you repeat the name "Candyman" five times in front of a mirror, Sherman's vengeful spirit will materialize, exacting a bloody revenge on whoever dares to summon him.

Anthony becomes obsessed with this morbid myth, pouring his artistic passion into an exhibit centered around Candyman. He presents it at Brianna's gallery, hoping for a reaction that never comes. His disappointment is short-lived, however, as tragedy strikes when one of Brianna's coworkers and his girlfriend are brutally murdered after uttering the dreaded name five times in front of a mirror. The bodies are discovered by Brianna the next morning, their gruesome fate a stark reminder of the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

As more victims fall prey to Candyman's wrath, Anthony finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of terror and death. His art exhibit becomes a catalyst for chaos, as if his creative spark has awakened something malevolent that refuses to be silenced. The line between reality and myth blurs, leaving only one certainty: Candyman is coming for you, and all it takes is a whispered name to unleash the horrors of the past upon the unsuspecting world.

As the mysterious bee sting on Anthony's hand begins to take an ominous turn, his physical form undergoes a gradual yet jarring metamorphosis. The initial scab soon spreads across his entire body, like a dark stain seeping into his very being. Desperate for answers, Anthony visits the hospital, only to discover that his mother (Vanessa Williams) has been harboring a profound secret: he was the baby Helen Lyle rescued from the devastating fire that took her life on that fateful night. But what she didn't reveal is that it was Candyman himself who had abducted him, intending to sacrifice him in the inferno. The truth now unfolding like a dark tapestry, Anthony's mother fears for his safety and the repercussions of breaking the pact sworn by the community never to repeat the legend of Candyman.

Anthony's mind reeling from this revelation, he becomes increasingly detached from reality as his physical transformation accelerates. Meanwhile, Brianna (character) grows concerned about Anthony's well-being, remembering how he had first learned about Candyman through Burke. She sets out to find him in Cabrini-Green, only to be apprehended by the very man who has been manipulating events from behind the scenes. Burke whisks her away to an abandoned church, where she finds Anthony slipping into a fugue state as his body continues to degenerate.

As Brianna's fear gives way to horror, Burke reveals the gruesome truth: he witnessed Sherman's brutal murder at the hands of the police and later saw him return from the dead as Candyman. The monster then butchered Burke's older sister in their apartment bathroom after she unwittingly summoned him through a mirror. Now, Burke has devised a twisted plan to have Anthony gunned down by the authorities, thus perpetuating a new legend where Candyman becomes an instrument of vengeance rather than a symbol of Black pain and suffering. In a chilling climax, Burke saws off Anthony's right hand and replaces it with a hook, completing his transformation into the very entity he has been fearing: the vengeful Candyman.

As the adrenaline-fueled chaos unfolds, Brianna seizes the opportunity to break free from the church's confines and flees into the Cabrini Green row houses, pursued by Burke. With calculated precision, she unleashes a devastating blow, ending his life with a vicious stab. In the midst of this mayhem, Anthony appears, only to collapse in her arms as the police, unwittingly drawn to the scene by Burke's demise, converge on the area and brutally slay Anthony. The officers' presence proves short-lived, however, as they soon fall prey to a gruesome onslaught at the hands of Candyman, whose rampage is sparked by Brianna's desperate summons via the police SUV's rearview mirror. With the carnage subsiding, Candyman assumes the haunting form of Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd), his eyes burning with an otherworldly intensity as he issues a cryptic command: "Tell everyone."