Does Bad Boys: Ride or Die have end credit scenes?


Bad Boys: Ride or Die does not have end credit scenes.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Bad Boys: Ride or Die


In a thrilling reversal, Miami's top cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Their signature blend of high-octane action and laugh-out-loud humor remains, but this time they're the ones evading danger as they try to clear their names.

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6.9 /10

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The curtain rises on a sun-kissed Miami morning as Detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) speed through the streets, their camaraderie and banter a perfect blend of humor and high-stakes intensity. As they rush to an event, Marcus's growing unease prompts Mike to let him take a quick break to alleviate his nausea with a ginger ale, accompanied by a satisfying side of Skittles and a hot dog. Little do they know, their carefree morning is about to take a dramatic turn as a brazen gunman attempts to rob the establishment. Enter Mike, who swiftly takes charge, chastising Marcus for his snack-filled distraction before expertly disarming the would-be thief and taking him down with a well-placed shot.

As the dust settles, Mike's wedding celebration beckons, drawing in an eclectic cast of characters, including Christine (Melanie Liburd), Mike's physical therapist-turned-bride; Teresa (Tasha Smith), Marcus's wife; their children, Megan (Bianca Bethune) and Reggie (Dennis Greene); Captain Rita Secada (Paola Nunez) and her beau, District Attorney Adam Lockwood (Ioan Gruffudd); AMMO agents Kelly (Vanessa Hudgens) and Dorn (Alexander Ludwig); and even the late Captain Howard's daughter, U.S. Marshal Judy (Rhea Seehorn), accompanied by her daughter Callie (Quinn Hemphill). Amidst the joyous atmosphere, Marcus's world is rocked when he suffers a near-fatal heart attack and collapses. As his loved ones rush to his aid, Marcus finds himself transported to a serene beachside tableau where Howard's ghostly figure appears, imparting a poignant message: it's not his time.

Miraculously, Marcus awakens in the hospital after several weeks of recovery, his brush with mortality imbuing him with a newfound appreciation for life and an inflated sense of confidence. Returning home to Mike, Christine, and their loved ones, Marcus is dismayed to discover that Teresa has replaced his snack stash with a healthy diet regimen, a constant reminder of his mortality.

Meanwhile, in another corner of Miami, former DEA officer James McGrath (Eric Dane) orchestrates a clandestine meeting with a cartel banker. As they execute a complex financial transaction, the transfer of funds into Captain Howard's name sets off a chain reaction of violence and deceit. The stage is set for a thrilling narrative that will test the mettle of these Miami detectives as they navigate the treacherous landscape of crime and corruption.

As the truth begins to unravel, Mike and Marcus are faced with a shocking revelation: their former partner, Howard, is being unfairly maligned for his supposed involvement with cartels, despite his untimely passing. The duo heads to the station, determined to clear Howard's name and confront the higher-ups who have bought into the fabricated narrative. Judy arrives on the scene, her determination to avenge her father's murder by Armando (Jacob Scipio) palpable as she vows to eliminate him should their paths cross again.

Meanwhile, Mike and Marcus visit Armando in prison, where they uncover crucial information that sheds light on Howard's fate. It transpires that Howard was targeted after his previous victims were eliminated due to his tireless efforts to dismantle the cartels' operations. Though Armando doesn't recall McGrath's name, he remembers Howard's face vividly, having worked with his mother in the past.

As Mike and Marcus delve deeper into the mystery, they are met with a surprise: video messages from Howard himself, sent to their phones via a failsafe mechanism that was triggered when McGrath and his goons attempted to access Howard's accounts. In these cryptic recordings, Howard reveals that he knows they're seeing this message because of his untimely demise and warns them that they are being set up as pawns in a much larger game. He instructs them to follow the trail left by a former informant named Fletcher (John Salley), who holds the key to unlocking the truth.

The two detectives pay a visit to Fletcher's club, only to find him brutally gunned down by McGrath mere moments before he could share crucial information with them. As Marcus readies his gun to take on McGrath's henchmen, Mike is overcome with a panic attack, further complicating their already precarious situation.

Just as all hope seems lost, Rita and her officers arrive on the scene, prompting Mike to hastily conceal the true nature of their mission. In the aftermath of the shootout, Mike and Marcus find themselves in possession of surveillance footage and photos that Kelly and Dorn help them unlock using a scan code. This newly acquired intel contains another message from Howard, providing further insight into his work with the cartels and his decision to keep Mike and Marcus in the dark about a particular case.

Howard's parting warning is dire: he reveals that the cartel has infiltrated law enforcement agencies, including the police and FBI, making it increasingly perilous for Mike and Marcus to continue their investigation.

As Armando (character) languishes in prison, he becomes the target of a brutal attack orchestrated by the cunning McGrath. Mike's pleas for Armando's transportation via helicopter fall on deaf ears, as McGrath and his henchmen hijack the chopper, forcing the pilot to transmit a false distress message that implicates Mike and Marcus in the assault before callously silencing him with a fatal slash. With McGrath and his cohorts fleeing the scene, Mike and Marcus are left to fend off the remaining thugs while desperately trying to prevent Armando from becoming airborne as the chopper's hatchback door flails open. After successfully extricating Armando from the precarious situation, he joins forces with Mike and Marcus to execute a daring crash landing in a nearby lake.

As authorities investigate the wreckage, they receive the misleading distress message, leading them to brand Mike, Marcus, and Armando as wanted fugitives. McGrath, meanwhile, posts a substantial bounty on their heads, enticing every gangster in Miami to turn them in. As Mike and Marcus navigate the treacherous landscape of being on the run, Marcus sees this as an opportunity for Mike to bond with his son, but both are more concerned with clearing their names than fostering emotional connections.

Their odyssey takes them to a trailer park, where they attempt to pilfer clothes from unsuspecting rednecks. However, their ruse is discovered, and they're held at gunpoint until Armando cleverly hot-wires a truck to spirit them away.

Following a harrowing drive back into Miami, the vehicle succumbs to mechanical failure. Mike reaches out to his contact, Tabitha (Tiffany Haddish), agreeing to meet her at her club in exchange for weapons, attire, and transportation. Upon arrival, Tabitha feigns assistance but is merely stalling to lure other gangsters into a trap, intending to hand the trio over to McGrath's henchmen. Just as they're taken outside, rival gangsters converge on the scene, targeting the captor gangsters, including Manny The Butcher (DJ Khaled), who seeks revenge against Mike for his earlier mishap involving a meat hammer.

Manny's vengeance is short-lived, as he becomes the unwitting victim of a van-based ambush and subsequent Molotov cocktail attack. As the trio flees in the now-abandoned van, they return fire at their pursuers but soon find themselves jumping from the vehicle as it erupts in flames and explodes.

As Mike, Marcus, and Armando converge on Dorn's residence, they're met with an unexpected revelation: Dorn has been secretly entwined with Kelly. Despite their initial reluctance to assist Armando, they agree to join forces with Mike and Marcus in scouring the evidence to help Armando identify McGrath. Their perseverance pays off as they track him down on surveillance footage, uncovering a trail of deceit that leads them to the truth about McGrath's past. It transpires that he and his team were taken hostage by the cartel, subjected to brutal torture, and forced to betray their comrades - leaving McGrath as the sole survivor.

Meanwhile, Mike alerts Rita to the latest developments, only to be confronted with a ticking time bomb: McGrath has dispatched henchmen to extract Christine from her home, as well as target Marcus's family. As panic sets in, Mike attempts to reach out to Christine while Marcus enlists Reggie's help to protect his loved ones. Reggie springs into action, whisking Teresa, Megan, and Little Marcus away to a secure location before taking on the 15 goons that have invaded their domain. With his combat skills on full display, he successfully repels the attackers, earning Marcus's respect in the process.

As Christine is visited by Callie, who offers to aid in proving Mike and Marcus's innocence, McGrath's goons have already infiltrated her home. The villainous McGrath makes a chilling proposition to Mike: he'll release Christine and Callie unharmed if Mike surrenders Armando and Howard's evidence. Armando is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good, but Mike has a plan up his sleeve, knowing who has been feeding McGrath intel on their whereabouts.

With this new information in hand, Mike contacts Rita once more, this time sharing the bombshell revelation that Lockwood is secretly working with McGrath. As they rush to the station together, Rita confirms Lockwood's betrayal and the two of them narrowly avoid his attempt on her life. Just as all hope seems lost, Kelly and Dorn intervene, taking down Lockwood and extracting a confession from him about his motive: profiting from cartel ties.

With their trust issues momentarily set aside, Mike shares with Marcus, Armando, Rita, Kelly, and Dorn that they are the only ones who can rely on each other for now. The stakes have never been higher as they join forces to take down McGrath and bring an end to his reign of terror.

As the heroes converge on the forsaken domain of a former alligator park, where legend has it that a gargantuan albino alligator named Duke reigns supreme, they orchestrate a clandestine meeting with their arch-nemesis McGrath. The plan hinges on the arrival of a plane carrying Christine and Callie, accompanied by Mike, who readies his weapon for the impending confrontation. However, as Mike trains his sights on McGrath, he is beset by another debilitating panic attack, his fear of striking Christine rendering him momentarily impotent. Meanwhile, the reptilian inhabitants of the adjacent water begin to close in on Armando's position, unwittingly alerting McGrath to their proximity.

Seizing the initiative, Armando opens fire on a nearby henchman, who falls prey to the awaiting gators before Mike can intervene. As chaos erupts, Lockwood attempts a daring escape, only to be thwarted by Rita's precise marksmanship, which sends the plane careening into the adjacent building. In the ensuing melee, Lockwood targets Dorn, striking him in the arm, before turning his attention to Rita – a move that ultimately proves futile, as she dispatches him with a well-placed kick, sending him tumbling into the pit where Duke awaits. The monstrous alligator proves an insatiable appetite, devouring its latest meal.

As the battle rages on, Armando ensures Callie's safety from McGrath's remaining minions, eliminating them one by one before escorting her to a place of relative security. Simultaneously, Mike shakes off his panic-induced haze when a vision of Captain Howard implores him to forgive himself for the perceived tragedy that befell their mentor. The revelation finds Mike standing on the same beach he had witnessed in his prophetic dream, only to be confronted by McGrath's cruel machinations – forced to choose between sacrificing Marcus or Christine.

In a bold display of selflessness, Mike sacrifices his friend Marcus to secure a clear shot at McGrath, riddling him with bullets before delivering the fatal blow. Judy, poised to exact vengeance on Armando, is ultimately dissuaded by Callie's impassioned plea, remembering the debt she owes to his heroism. As authorities arrive to apprehend McGrath's surviving henchmen, news reports confirm Captain Howard's posthumous exoneration, a poignant testament to the enduring power of redemption and self-forgiveness.

As the sun beats down on the park, Mike (actor's name) and Marcus (actor's name) lead their loved ones in a lively barbecue gathering. The atmosphere is filled with laughter and the savory aroma of sizzling meats as the two friends engage in a good-natured argument over who gets to man the grill. Just as it seems like things are about to escalate, Reggie (actor's name) arrives on the scene, proudly bearing his own contribution to the feast: a succulent chicken dish that he's eager to share with the group. The Bad Boys, still wary of Reggie after his recent heroics in taking down McGrath's ruthless henchmen and saving their family from harm, initially dismiss his offer with a chuckle. However, as they reflect on the gravity of Reggie's actions, they decide to put aside their reservations and give him a break. With a satisfied smile spreading across his face, Reggie takes pride in knowing that he's earned the respect of his fellow partygoers, and the group continues to enjoy their outdoor celebration with full plates and warm camaraderie.