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In CONSECRATION, a young woman's quest for truth takes a dark turn when she investigates her brother's suspicious death at a Scottish convent. As she digs deeper, Grace unravels a web of deceit, murder, and ancient secrets that threaten to consume her, forcing her to confront a haunting truth about her own past.

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As the eerie sounds of the Scottish coast fade away, Dr. Grace Farlo (no actor name provided) finds herself entangled in a mystery that threatens to unravel her already fragile grip on reality. A somber phone call from DCI Harris sets off a chain reaction, drawing her back to her childhood home - Mount Saviour Convent, where her brother Michael, a priest, has met an untimely demise. The gruesome discovery: Michael's apparent murder-suicide, with the body of Father Carol, another priest, found nearby.

As Grace delves deeper into the mystery, Harris reveals that this is no ordinary convent. Dedicated to combating the forces of darkness, its nuns have witnessed unspeakable horrors, including Sister Beth's gruesome self-mutilation after claiming to have seen the devil himself. The Mother Superior's solemn warning only adds to the sense of foreboding: a demon killed Father Carol and drove Michael to his desperate act.

The investigation takes a surreal turn as Grace's own visions begin to surface. Fainting from a vision of her brother's ghost, she awakens in a hospital bed, where she encounters the enigmatic Father Romero (no actor name provided), dispatched by the Vatican to re-consecrate the troubled convent. Her cryptic revelations about her father's imprisonment for murdering their mother only scratch the surface of a tangled web.

As Grace navigates the labyrinthine corridors of Mount Saviour, she is beset by visions both eerie and inexplicable. Armored crusaders on horseback shatter an occult gathering in one hallucination, while nuns leap to their deaths on the same rocks where Michael met his end. And then, as if conjured from her own subconscious, Grace finds herself clad in white robes, back at the convent.

Confronting the Mother Superior about the truth behind Michael's death, she is met with an unsettling revelation: her visions are not just glimpses of the past or future but a manifestation of memories shared between her and her brother. The stakes grow higher as Father Romero hands her a box containing Michael's belongings - including a cryptic journal hinting at her own "special" role in the mystery.

A flash of insight into their troubled childhood reveals that Grace's father kept their family trapped, his brutal violence punctuated by an invisible presence that spared their lives. As the darkness closes in, it becomes clear that Grace's investigation has only scratched the surface of a far more sinister and ancient force at work - one that threatens to consume her very soul.

As the threads of memory begin to unravel, a long-buried truth comes to light: Mount Saviour Convent had once sought to adopt Grace and Michael as orphans. This revelation sparks a deeper understanding of why Michael would later dedicate himself to the church. However, Father Romero's clarification reveals that Michael's true motivations lay not in the convent's benevolence, but rather in his pursuit of a sacred relic lost during an earthquake.

A subsequent recall confirms the convent's earlier adoption attempt, with Father Jacobs and Sister Dianne attempting to take Michael from Grace's side. The sisters' aggressive behavior towards her prompts an unseen force to intervene, causing their vehicle to crash. This supernatural intervention marks a turning point in the narrative, foreshadowing the bizarre events that will unfold.

In another vivid flashback, Grace relives the torment inflicted upon her brother by Father Carol and the convent's nuns as they sought to extract information about the relic. One nun, Sister Matilda, surprisingly confronts Grace with a knife, only to be compelled by an invisible force to turn it against herself. This grotesque act of self-mutilation serves as a chilling reminder of the convent's dark underbelly.

DCI Harris takes both Mother Superior and Grace into custody, seeking answers about the unexplained deaths plaguing the convent. As Grace tries to convey her own suspicions – that the convent is using her brother to find the relic and now seeks to exploit her – Father Romero and the nuns concoct a cover story, forcing Harris's release of Grace.

Mother Superior, meanwhile, reveals a shocking truth: she believes Grace herself is the missing relic. This claim only adds fuel to the fire of paranoia and fear that grips the narrative.

In a poignant visit to her father in prison, Grace uncovers a painful truth about his own motivations for taking her in as a child. He recounts finding her wandering alone on a beach at age 10, but soon came to believe she was Satan's child due to the trail of death and destruction that followed her. As he claims she summoned an evil entity on the night he killed her mother, Grace is forced to confront the dark forces that have haunted her life.

Upon returning to the convent, Sister Beth attempts to strike down Grace with a knife, only to be driven by an unseen force to take her own life instead. The once-friendly Sister Meg flees in terror, leaving Grace to pursue her and bear witness to another eerie duplication of a previous vision: Sister Meg's wrist-slashing suicide attempt.

As the narrative hurtles towards its climax, the lines between reality and the supernatural continue to blur, raising more questions than answers about the true nature of the convent, its inhabitants, and the mysterious forces that shape their lives.

As Grace stumbles upon Father Romero and the remaining nuns conducting a consecration rite within the chapel's sacred walls, she is met with an unsettling sense of conviction - she is cursed. With her newfound awareness, she implores Romero to aid in her cleansing, but instead, he leads her down into the crypt-like depths below, only to seal her fate by attempting to trap her inside. However, it is here that the unseen forces exact their retribution, claiming Romero's life as he reveals the shocking truth: Grace is a centuries-old fallen angel whose darkness poses a perpetual threat to Christ.

As DCI Harris arrives at the convent, he bears witness to a scene of utter despair - Grace, now convinced of her own malevolence, allows herself to plummet towards the rocks, mirroring the tragic fate of her brother. As she falls, visions from her past begin to unfold, revealing an enigmatic doppelganger who has been her lifelong protector, silently eliminating anyone who dared threaten her existence, including the innocent Michael.

The investigation continues as DCI Harris interrogates Mother Superior regarding the mysterious events surrounding Grace and the unexplained fatalities that have plagued the convent. Since Grace's body was never recovered, Mother Superior warns of an impending catastrophe - until she is stopped, Grace will harness her extraordinary powers for nefarious purposes.

As Grace navigates her mundane life, she shares a meal with colleague Dr. John Holmes (no relation). He reveals that elderly patient Valerie To, who had previously been referred to him by Grace for failing eyesight, has miraculously regained her sight. A flashback reveals the doppelganger placing its hands upon Valerie after she left Grace's office, leaving an indelible mark on this mysterious chain of events.

Just as Mother Superior appears out of nowhere to confront Grace at gunpoint, a car suddenly careens into her, foiling her attempts to exact justice. As Grace reflects on the enigmatic forces that have guided her life, the truth begins to unravel - a complex tapestry woven from threads of darkness and light, forever bound by the presence of her eternal guardian angel.