Does Cinderella the Cat have end credit scenes?


Cinderella the Cat does not have end credit scenes.

Cinderella the Cat

Cinderella the Cat


On the notorious Megaride, docked in Naples, Cinderella the Cat must outwit her devious stepmother and stepsisters to break free from their clutches. As tensions simmer on the high seas, this feline heroine navigates a treacherous underworld of crime and deception, where survival depends on cunning and wit.

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In a world where technological innovation knows no bounds, Vittorio Basile (character not provided) - a wealthy scientist and shipowner - has crafted a visionary project: transforming the bustling harbor of Naples into a hub of futuristic wonder, with his sleek vessel, Megaride, serving as a digital archive of memories. This high-tech marvel is equipped to record every moment that unfolds within its hull, translating it into vivid holographic displays.

Basile's personal life is filled with joy and promise, as he prepares to tie the knot with Angelica (character not provided), mother of five daughters and a young son named Luigi. However, on the eve of their wedding celebration, his life is tragically cut short by Salvatore Lo Giusto - an ambitious drug lord known for his ruthless tactics and illicit connections to Angelica. The victim's 3-year-old daughter, Mia, is left reeling from this devastating blow.

As Mia grows up under the care of her stepmother, Angelica (character not provided), she becomes increasingly withdrawn and isolated. Her stepfamily treats her with disdain, labeling her "Gatta Cenerentola" (Cinderella the Cat) due to her peculiar habit of exploring the ship's ductwork like a feline. Meanwhile, Lo Giusto - fueled by malice and ambition - sets his sights on manipulating Mia into signing away the Megaride's inheritance when she turns 18.

Fifteen years pass, and Angelica transforms the once-proud vessel into a seedy brothel. Her daughters, who also work as prostitutes, prove to be merciless towards Mia, who is forced to live among them. Lo Giusto and Angelica conspire to turn Naples into a hub of organized crime and drug trafficking.

As the years go by, Primo Gemito - Basile's former bodyguard - embarks on a quest for justice. Despite being gravely injured by Angelica's daughters and left for dead, he manages to find the evidence needed to expose Lo Giusto's crimes. The turning point comes when Mia, who has been under his protection since childhood, reappears in his life.

Thanks to her bravery and determination, Primo is able to piece together the puzzle of Lo Giusto's dark secrets - including the gruesome fate of his enemies' bodies, which are carelessly discarded in the Megaride's hold. Torn between his duty to protect Mia and his desire to free her from the toxic environment surrounding the ship, Primo must navigate a treacherous landscape of loyalty, deception, and redemption.

As Lo Giusto returns to Naples on Mia's 18th birthday, the air is thick with anticipation. The moment of truth arrives when Mia prepares to sign over her inheritance, freeing Lo Giusto and Angelica from their toxic bond. However, in a shocking turn of events, Lo Giusto confesses that his affections have always been for Mia herself, not the aging Angelica. This revelation sparks a series of chain reactions as Lo Giusto lavishes Mia with gifts and attention, including a luxurious suite once reserved for Angelica.

Initially, Mia is swept up in the romance, but her euphoria is short-lived. A haunting hologram appears, revealing the dark truth behind Lo Giusto's past: the cold-blooded murder of Mia's father. The weight of this revelation crushes Mia, and she flees through the ship's ducts, pursued by Lo Giusto's ruthless henchmen.

As tensions escalate, Primo leads a team of determined policemen in a daring attempt to apprehend Lo Giusto, despite the danger posed by his loyal accomplices. With Lo Giusto already one step ahead, having cleared out the ship's hold following a tip-off, Primo is undeterred, driven by a desire to restore Naples and rescue Mia from Lo Giusto's clutches.

Meanwhile, Angelica's true nature begins to unravel as she realizes Lo Giuto's affections are now focused on her naive 18-year-old daughter. In a twisted bid for revenge, she instructs her daughters to eliminate Mia before the ceremony. However, their attempt is foiled by Lo Giusto's henchmen, sparking a violent shootout that leaves all of Angelica's daughters and the last remaining henchman dead.

As the dust settles, Angelica confronts the devastating consequences of her own actions. She comes to understand that Mia bears no responsibility for the chaos that has unfolded, but rather she herself is to blame for betraying Basile, the only one who truly loved her, and allowing Lo Giusto to manipulate her for his own gain.

In a poignant moment of self-awareness, Angelica chooses to spare Mia's life and sets out to rectify her past mistakes. She asks Mia to release a blackbird given to her by Basile during their engagement and then escape the ship before it is too late. With the countdown underway, Angelica takes a seat on the balcony, lights a cigarette, and prepares to meet her own demise in a blaze of glory.

As panic sets in, Primo's quick thinking proves the catalyst for their narrow escape. The astute protagonist (Primo) sounds the alert, permitting everyone to flee the Megaride mere moments before its catastrophic demise. Meanwhile, Lo Giusto attempts to whisk Mia away from the impending doom, his sinister intentions foiled by the girl's unyielding determination. Her eyes blazing with a fierce intensity, Mia unleashes a flurry of blows upon Lo Giusto's prone form, her rage-fueled assault only ceasing when Primo intervenes, pleading with her to abandon their would-be captor and make a hasty retreat.

With seconds ticking away, Primo and Mia execute a daring escape from the Megaride, narrowly avoiding the devastating consequences of its explosive implosion. As they distance themselves from the crumbling ship, Lo Giusto is left alone, his malevolent plans reduced to naught but a bloody, futile struggle in one of the vessel's deserted corridors, his fate sealed as he succumbs to the inevitable.