Does Cats Don't Dance have end credit scenes?


Cats Don't Dance has end credit scenes.

Cats Don't Dance

Cats Don't Dance


In 1930s Tinseltown, feline hopeful Danny yearns to leave paw-prints on the silver screen. As a cat in a world of humans, he's stuck playing animal roles. But when he clashes with a diva starlet, his big break teeters on the brink of disappearance - leaving this plucky kitty to dance with desperation and rekindle his Hollywood dreams.

Runtime: 75 min

Box Office: $3.6M








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As the curtains drew open on an alternate 1939, where humans and anthropomorphic animals lived in harmonious coexistence, a plucky orange tabby cat named Daniel "Danny" T. Cat from Kokomo, Indiana, set out to chase his dreams of stardom in the city of angels, Hollywood. With an unwavering optimism, Danny arrived on the iconic streets, where he crossed paths with Pudge, a young penguin who would become his unlikely confidant. Farley Wink, a seasoned agent, took notice of Danny's boundless energy and selected him to feature in Lil' Ark Angel, a film in production at Mammoth Pictures, alongside Sawyer, a cynical Turkish Angora cat serving as Wink's secretary.

As Danny joined the menagerie of animal co-stars - Tilly the hippo, Cranston the goat, Frances the fish, and T.W. the tortoise - he was initially thrilled to be part of the project. However, his enthusiasm waned when he discovered the paltry nature of his role in the grand scheme of things. Danny's attempts to claw his way into more prominent spotlight moments only seemed to enrage Darla Dimple, a spoiled child star and leading lady of the film, whose gigantic gorilla-like butler Max loomed large, warning Danny against further attempts at upstaging.

Undeterred, Danny turned to Woolie, the studio's mascot elephant, who schooled him on the harsh realities of show business. According to Woolie, humans typically commanded more significant roles than animals, leaving the latter with minor, often thankless parts and little negotiating power. The next day, Danny rallied his fellow animal co-stars with a rousing performance in an alleyway, drawing Darla's attention. She invited him to her opulent mansion, offering the use of the Lil' Ark Angel stage for a press conference hosted by Mammoth Pictures head L.B. Mammoth - on one condition: that Danny keep her involvement under wraps.

Unbeknownst to Danny, Darla was secretly plotting to sabotage the animals' chances and preserve her own spotlight. As the day of the press conference approached, the animals prepared their performance on the ark, while Darla and Max orchestrated a catastrophic flood that ravaged Hollywood. Mammoth, quick to point fingers, dismissed the animals as responsible for the chaos. When Darla arrived at Danny's doorstep, gloating over her success in foiling the animals' plans, she delivered a stern warning: beware the perils of Hollywood and return to Kokomo before it's too late.

As the moon casts its silvery glow on the night's proceedings, Sawyer seizes the initiative to honor Danny's tireless efforts in nurturing the animals' aspirations. In a daring attempt to intercept his friend, Sawyer rushes to the bus stop, only to narrowly miss catching Danny as he boards the vehicle. However, an astute observation from the bus driver and the sight of Pudge roaming the streets prompts Danny to take matters into his own paws. With stealthy precision, Danny commandeers the bus and invites Sawyer, Woolie, Tillie, Cranston, Frances, and T.W. to a special preview screening of Lil' Ark Angel at the premiere. As the credits roll, Danny confronts Max and sends him reeling by cleverly deflating Darla's prized parade balloon. Undeterred, Danny calls attention to himself only to be met with ridicule from the cunning Darla. Sawyer, however, sees an opportunity to rally the group backstage and aid Danny in his quest to realize their collective aspirations. With Danny's inspiring words, the eight animals put aside their doubts and channel their passion into a rousing musical performance that electrifies the audience. Meanwhile, Darla's feeble attempts to sabotage the show inadvertently elevate its grandeur, earning a thunderous standing ovation from the crowd. As the spotlight shines on the triumphant animals, Darla's true nature is revealed when she unwittingly exposes her responsibility for the flood. Efforts to cover her tracks ultimately prove futile as Pudge's quick thinking precipitates her downfall via a cleverly concealed trapdoor. Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, Danny and Sawyer confess their deepening feelings for each other, while the animals' determination and creativity culminate in the realization of their dreams for more prominent roles.