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As a high-stakes art project teeters on collapse, five creatives are plunged into a maelstrom of uncertainty, forcing them to confront the unpredictable consequences that threaten to upend their lives and artistic identities.

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In a desolate world ravaged by a mysterious virus that accelerates the metamorphosis of humans into mindless zombies at an alarming rate of 48 hours, a trio of survivors - Andy (played by actor's name), his wife Kay, and their one-year-old daughter Rosie - have managed to carve out a fragile existence on a houseboat drifting along the rural Australian coast. The tranquil atmosphere is shattered when Andy, while navigating the vessel, spots two children frolicking on the riverbank, prompting him to shout out in excitement. However, his enthusiasm is tempered by the sight of their father, who flashes a revolver from his belt before disappearing into the trees.

As the day wears on, Andy and Kay engage in a heated debate about their dwindling food supplies. Despite Kay's insistence that they need to venture onto land to gather more sustenance, Andy remains skeptical, preferring to stick with their current routine of scavenging for goods on the water. The tension between them is palpable as they grapple with the harsh realities of their new world.

Meanwhile, a young Aboriginal girl, Thoomi, is seen adorning her shoes with leaves in a quiet moment of contemplation. Her reverie is interrupted by the sound of distant thuds, which seem to be emanating from a hidden door in the wall. Andy's curiosity gets the better of him, and he decides to investigate the source of the noise, leaving Kay to fend for herself.

Kay's solo excursion takes an ominous turn when she fails to return after a few hours. Andy sets out to search for her, only to discover that she has been attacked by a zombie, which had emerged from the very same door he had previously disturbed. The gravity of their situation becomes all too clear as Andy rushes back to find Kay injured and struggling to contain a gash on her knee.

As the family navigates the treacherous landscape of their new reality, they are forced to confront the harsh truths about their own vulnerability. The discovery of a mysterious bracelet that measures the time left for an infected individual serves as a stark reminder of their mortality. The injection they find, designed to neutralize the pain associated with the transformation into a zombie, only adds to their sense of desperation.

In the face of such uncertainty, the trio decides to abandon their houseboat and embark on a perilous journey to a hospital, leaving behind the charred remains of what was once a human being. Thoomi, meanwhile, is seen sketching in her book, capturing the haunting image of a man with his head buried in the ground. Her artistic expression serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating consequences of the virus that has ravaged their world.

As Andy and Kay stumble upon a vehicle, they seize the opportunity to refuel and reorient themselves amidst the chaos of their desolate surroundings. Noticing a peculiar yellow slime on the seat back, Kay's keen eye catches it, while Andy narrowly avoids a shambling zombie that threatens to ruin their escape. As they drive away from the impending doom, a glimpse of another zombie struggling to lift its head from the ground serves as a stark reminder of the perils that lurk around every corner.

After stopping on a deserted stretch of road, Andy consults a map while Kay tends to Rosie's diaper needs. However, their peaceful interlude is disrupted when Kay suddenly collapses, convulsing and vomiting blood in a disturbing display of her deteriorating condition. As Andy holds her steady, it becomes clear that the yellow slime has taken hold, and Kay's transformation into one of the undead is well underway.

Meanwhile, Thoomi's enigmatic presence lingers, as she methodically disposes of a snake carcass into a pit, her actions shrouded in an air of mystery. Her subsequent descent to check on the carcass only adds to the sense of unease that permeates this forsaken landscape.

As Kay regains consciousness, she's met with the disturbing sight of yellow slime oozing from her wound. In a fit of rage and despair, she berates Andy for his perceived attempts to withhold information about her condition from her. The tension between them escalates until Andy is forced to subdue her and convince her to continue their journey together.

In an attempt to ensure Kay's compliance, Andy breaks the door handle, effectively trapping her in the car. However, his distraction caused by a lone figure on the roadside ultimately leads to a catastrophic crash, impaling Kay and leaving her struggling for life. As Andy faints from shock, Rosie remains strapped in her seat, oblivious to the horrors unfolding around her.

When Andy awakens hours later, he's met with the grim reality of Kay's transformation into one of the undead. Her eyes and mouth are now beset by pus, a stark testament to the devastating consequences of her condition. In a desperate bid to escape her grasp, Andy tries to flee, only to be bitten by Kay in the process.

As the days pass, Andy sets out on foot with Rosie perched on his back, their journey marked by Thoomi's cryptic appearances and Rosie's plaintive wails. It isn't until Andy uses Kay's perfume to calm her that she begins to settle into a more peaceful rhythm. However, their fragile harmony is disrupted when they encounter the man responsible for their crash – now a zombie, driven solely by an insatiable hunger.

Thoomi reappears, her enigmatic nature only adding to the sense of unease as she attempts to dissuade Andy from attacking her father. With a rock, she inflicts a wound on herself, drawing blood that leads her away from the scene, leaving Andy to ponder the true extent of his desolate surroundings and the uncertain fate that lies ahead.

As Andy finally arrives in the town he had been striving for, he finds himself in a school, where his path crosses with Etta, a wise and seasoned retired teacher. She tenders her assistance, expertly cleaning his wounds as they share stories of the past. With a heavy heart, Etta reveals that all the Aboriginal people have departed from the land, including many of her former students. As Andy steps out into the open air, he is met with a striking sight - distant fires, ignited by the Aboriginal hunting parties in their quest to purify the land by ridding it of undead zombies. The flickering flames seem to dance in the darkness, accompanied by the haunting call of "Thoomi" carried on the wind.

As night descends, Andy finds himself in a makeshift hospital room, his body wracked with his first seizure. He awakens the next morning, only to be greeted by Etta's wise counsel and the imperative to seek out Willie, Thoomi's father, to ensure Rosie's safety. Etta candidly shares the purpose behind the fires - a cleansing ritual conducted by Aboriginal hunting parties, aimed at eliminating zombies they encounter on their journey.

Etta issues Andy a warning, cautioning him to stay clear of the Aboriginals' range, as he embarks on his perilous journey. Along the way, he pauses at ancient ruins to administer water to Rosie and pays respects to the fallen. However, his reverie is abruptly shattered by the sudden rise of a zombie, its head buried in the earth, which Andy hastily abandons, only to be pursued by the relentless undead. Seeking refuge, Andy commandeers a truck but finds himself thwarted by Vic, a rugged individualist who saves him from the pursuing horde - and the unseen danger lurking within.

Vic, now trapped beneath a tank, implores Andy to promise to rescue him first before they make their escape. As they flee from encroaching hordes of zombies, Vic ushers Andy into his makeshift shelter, an outpost formerly part of a gas plant. Here, he meets Vic's wife, Lorraine, who is quietly astonished by the presence of "people who are still people". Vic encourages Andy to entrust Rosie's care to Lorraine, allowing him and Vic to venture out and confront the zombie threat.

Their day job involves shooting groups of zombies and scavenging their valuables - a practice Vic believes will yield riches when society returns to normal. However, Andy is disturbed by the realization that Vic lures zombies with live, healthy humans trapped in cages as bait, his heart heavy with the sight of Thoomi imprisoned among them.

Back at the shelter, Lorraine tends to Rosie's needs as the power flickers and dies, plunging the outpost into darkness. As the tension builds, Rosie becomes increasingly agitated, her discomfort heightened by the discovery of a slimy substance on her stomach - an ominous sign that signals the impending arrival of new dangers in this unforgiving world.

Vic and Andy (played by) venture into another desolate cage, where they concoct a gruesome plan to lure zombies using entrails, a radio, and blood. This unorthodox strategy leaves Andy momentarily questioning his own morality. Upon their return to the shelter, Lorraine nonchalantly alludes to tidying up Rosie's makeshift crib, while Andy tenderly plays with his daughter before gently placing her in the enclosure. However, his hand begins to twitch uncontrollably, betraying his growing unease. Andy then departs the shelter, clutching an injection, but ultimately decides against using it. Lorraine's chance encounter with him reveals a shocking truth: she is not Vic's wife and that he had callously allowed her husband to perish along with other gas plant workers, sacrificing their lives to save his own. This revelation sparks Vic's suspicion, prompting him to strike Andy unconscious with the butt of his rifle.

Upon awakening, Andy finds himself chained alongside Thoomi in a cage, where they concoct a plan to escape by harnessing the collective strength of numerous zombies. They successfully break free and return to the shelter, liberating Lorraine, Rosie, and the keys to both cages and chains. However, their celebration is short-lived, as Vic emerges from the shadows and opens fire on them.

Lorraine sacrifices her life to ensure their escape, and Andy and Thoomi are left to navigate the treacherous landscape together. They evade Vic's relentless pursuit and take refuge in a small gulch for the night, where they manage to free themselves from their shackles. The following morning, as the sun rises over the desolate terrain, Thoomi leads Andy to a cage that holds a dark secret: its occupant has vanished into thin air.

As they navigate the ruins of civilization, Andy and Thoomi must confront the harsh realities of their new world. They find solace in each other's company, sharing moments of tenderness and hope amidst the chaos. However, their fragile bond is put to the test when Thoomi's grief-stricken reaction to her father's demise forces them to reevaluate their priorities.

As they make their way to the campsite where Andy last spotted the family, he and Rosie (character name not provided) take a motorboat ride, conducting a meticulous examination of the RV in which the family had been staying. Meanwhile, Thoomi stays behind, immersing herself in the eerie atmosphere within the RV's confines. The tension builds as Andy and Rosie venture out to locate the family, only to stumble upon the father, now infected with the mysterious illness, who reveals a chilling fate: his revolver contains six bullets, and he's willing to part with the remaining two once he's taken care of himself and his loved ones. With this grim knowledge, Andy retreats as the sound of gunfire echoes through the air, punctuated by the fourth shot, which is delayed as the father pursues Andy, ultimately using it on himself before collapsing beside him. As Andy collects the gun, now loaded with only two bullets, he's left grappling with the moral implications of his next move.

Thoomi, meanwhile, has been quietly observing from her vantage point within the RV. She suddenly emerges, having shed her leaves and announcing her readiness to return home. Together, they set off towards a nearby hill, their journey marked by an ominous column of smoke rising into the air.

As they navigate through a treacherous train tunnel, they're confronted by Vic (character name not provided). Thoomi takes refuge with Rosie inside a parked vehicle on the tracks, while Andy attempts to distract Vic. The two men engage in a fierce battle, with Andy firing his bullets but ultimately missing both times. Defeated and struggling to cope with the dire situation, Andy is powerless to intervene as Vic snatches Thoomi from the car, causing her to strike her head against the rails in the process. She lies wounded, Vic clutching Rosie in his grasp.

Andy, still reeling from their predicament, rushes to Thoomi's side, then turns his attention to Rosie, whose fate serves as a poignant reminder of Lorraine's passing. Overcome with emotion, he hands Rosie over to Andy, allowing him to take the reins and tend to Thoomi's injured form.

As they continue on their perilous journey, Andy's resolve begins to waver once more, this time threatening to succumb to his baser instincts as the scent of decaying meat wafts through the air. With time running out, Andy implores Thoomi to promise to care for Rosie, sharing a poignant farewell with her before preparing himself for the final act.

With an unyielding determination, Andy dons a makeshift guard in his mouth, binds his wrists, and adorns a stick with the meat from earlier. As he succumbs to the inevitable, his eyes crust over, a testament to the unwavering power of his will.

As the Aboriginal warriors return from their raid, Thoomi (character) summons them with a shrill whistle, capturing the attention of her mother and drawing forth the maternal instincts that have driven her to ensure Rosie's survival. Perched atop Andy, Thoomi and Rosie ride in tandem, guided by the tantalizing aroma wafting from the meat on the stick. As they're detained by the warriors, Thoomi's mother warmly welcomes back the pair, her expression a testament to the depth of her love for her children. Amidst this tender reunion, one warrior attempts to strike down Andy with his spear, only to be thwarted by Thoomi's swift intervention. With a flourish, she produces Kay's perfume bottle, its last vestiges released into the air as a calming balm that momentarily rekindles Andy's consciousness. As the fog of confusion lifts, he takes in the reassuring presence of Rosie, finally safe from harm.

With this momentary reprieve secured, Thoomi grants permission for the warrior to put Andy out of his misery, acknowledging the futility of prolonging his suffering. The Aboriginal people then embark on a journey to a haven that promises solace and respite among their own kind. Upon their arrival, they're warmly received by their kin, their faces aglow with a sense of belonging. As Thoomi and her mother scrutinize Rosie's battered form, the words "Thank You" emerge from beneath the white paint, a poignant reminder of the subterfuge employed to conceal their scent from the ravenous hordes.

The cinematic coda unfolds amidst this backdrop of peace and tranquility, as Andy's plaid shirt and Rosie's fishing lure mobile are suspended from a branch, a visual testament to the resilience of life. The film concludes with these humble symbols of hope and perseverance, suspended between the ravages of war and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.