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In the adrenaline-fueled world of underground road racing, Coy "Cannonball" Buckman (David Carradine) takes the wheel of his iconic red Pontiac in the Trans-America Grand Prix. With no rules, no limits, and no regard for authority, Buckman clashes with an international cast of drivers vying for a $100,000 prize. But his greatest challenge comes from rival Cade Redman (Bill McKinney) as they fight for a spot on the prestigious Modern Motors team.

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As Coy "Cannonball" Buckman (played by actor name) revs up for the Trans-Continental Road Race, he finds himself at the intersection of his past and present. A former racing driver turned parolee, Coy's freedom hangs precariously in the balance as he competes in the cross-country journey from Santa Monica Pier to a garage in New York City. His parole officer girlfriend Linda Maxwell (played by actor name) is keenly aware of the risks, having legal custody over him and the threat of imprisonment looming if he violates his parole.

Meanwhile, Coy's loyal friend Zippo Friedman has been hard at work restoring Coy's iconic red Pontiac Trans Am to its former glory. In a bold move, Zippo decides to enter the race himself, donning an identical Trans Am and even adopting Coy's persona to evade the law. The stakes are higher than ever for Coy as his rival, Cade Redman, an embittered racing veteran, is determined to take no-talent country singer Perman Waters (played by actor name) and his mother Sharma Capri (played by actor name) from Nashville to New York City to jump-start Perman's flagging music career.

The field of competitors is a colorful one, featuring eccentric European racing champ Wolfe Messer (played by actor name), driving his yellow DeTomaso Pantera with reckless abandon. Jim and Maryann Crandell, a laid-back surfer couple, are behind the wheel of a sleek silver Corvette owned by her father. Terry McMillan is taking a more unorthodox approach, using every trick in the book to make it to New York without driving his orange Chevrolet Blazer. Beutell Morris is leveraging the race as a ruse to help a wealthy couple transport their prized Lincoln Continental from Los Angeles to New York without a single scratch. Sandy, accompanied by her two waitress friends Judy and Ginny, is cruising into the fray behind the wheel of her custom blue van.

What Coy remains oblivious to is that his gambler brother Bennie has made a Faustian bargain with notorious mob boss Lester Marks (played by actor name) to ensure Coy's victory in the race. As the stakes reach a fever pitch and the road ahead grows increasingly treacherous, Coy finds himself caught in a web of deceit and temptation that threatens to upend his entire world.

As Linda reluctantly tags along with Coy in the high-stakes race, she eventually decides to part ways with him, leaving Zippo in his company. But just as things seem to settle into a predictable rhythm, Redman's nefarious tactics kick into gear. With the help of his shady associate Sharpe, Bennie secretly plants a bomb under Messer's Pantera, which explodes during a high-speed police chase in the desert. Meanwhile, Redman takes aim at Coy's Trans Am, shooting out a tire and sending it careening off the road. The chaos doesn't stop there: Redman poses as a motorcycle cop, beating up Sharpe during a routine traffic stop, before confronting Coy at a roadside market where they unleash havoc on the entire establishment.

As night falls, Coy becomes aware of the broken headlights on his car and takes a detour down a winding mountain road, only to total his vehicle. But with the help of some rural auto mechanics who are huge fans of his, he's lent a green Ford Mustang to get him back in the game. Redman receives intel that Coy is still in the race and feels compelled to bring in more reinforcements to take him down. In a stunning case of mistaken identity, they pummel Zippo into oblivion, thinking he's Coy. Linda steps in, using her impressive judo and karate skills to dispatch most of the attackers.

Coy arrives on the scene, learning from Linda that Zippo was behind the wheel that fateful night when a young girl lost her life, leading to his own prosecution. Coy reveals that he took one for the team, sacrificing himself to save Zippo's life. Feeling compelled to ride with Coy once more, Linda wants to ensure her safety amidst the escalating danger. However, Coy reassures her that the race is almost over and they'll be together soon.

Meanwhile, other subplots weave in and out of the main narrative. Jim's Corvette struggles with a damaged fan belt, leading to failed attempts at repair. In desperation, they attempt to swipe one from a supermarket parking lot, only to be chased off by a suspicious cop. Elsewhere, Sandy and her friends concoct a scheme to avoid a speeding ticket, using their charm to dupe two unsuspecting patrolmen into letting them off with a warning.

As chaos erupts on the outskirts of town, Redman's erratic behavior propels him towards an unfinished bridge, where he abandons Perman and Sharma before hurtling after Coy in a desperate bid to catch up. Meanwhile, Sharpe, oblivious to Zippo's true identity behind the wheel, sets his sights on Coy with a sniper rifle, only to misfire and instead take out Zippo, sending the Trans Am careening out of control. The explosive aftermath claims Sharpe as its latest victim, while Beutell's momentary distraction inadvertently crushes him beneath the wreckage.

As the mayhem spreads across the landscape, Jim and Maryann stumble upon Linda's lifeless form on the roadside, their initial Good Samaritan instincts soon replaced by a growing sense of unease. A hasty visit to the hospital yields reassurance that Linda will recover, prompting Jim to implore Maryann to call off their racing efforts and head home. However, his partner remains resolute in their pursuit of victory.

On the finish line, Terry and Louisa are the first to arrive, only to be disqualified for their oversight regarding celebratory champagne. The second to cross the line is Coy, who is met with a mixture of congratulations and commiseration by Bennie. However, his jubilation is short-lived as he learns of the devastating pile-up, the destruction of Linda's Trans Am, and her subsequent hospitalization.

As reality sets in, Coy's world begins to crumble, and he becomes aware of Bennie's true intentions all along. Seething with anger, he tears up his race ticket and hastens to the hospital, leaving a crestfallen Lester and his bodyguard to escort a defeated Bennie to his limousine. Meanwhile, Jim and Maryann claim victory, their triumph tempered by the knowledge that they have won at a terrible cost.

In the midst of this turmoil, Coy rushes to Linda's bedside, relief washing over him as he takes in her battered but alive form. The two share a tender embrace, while outside, Beutell delivers the now-ruined Lincoln to its new owners standing outside a downtown hotel, a poignant reminder of the fragility and beauty of life.