Does Bullet to the Head have end credit scenes?


Bullet to the Head does not have end credit scenes.

Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head


In this gritty action thriller, a deadly hitman and a relentless detective form an unlikely alliance to take down a powerful foe. When Jimmy Bobo's partner is brutally murdered by a rogue mercenary, Bobo joins forces with Detective Kwon to exact revenge and bring down the ruthless real-estate developer behind the carnage.

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5.5 /10

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In the vibrant city of New Orleans, the lifeless body of a corrupt ex-cop, Hank Greely, serves as the catalyst for a maelstrom of violence and deceit. Jimmy Bobo (actor name), a ruthless hitman, and his partner Louis Blanchard are the ones responsible for Greely's demise. As they unwind with a drink at a local bar, Blanchard becomes an unexpected casualty in a hail of bullets courtesy of another hired gun, Keegan.

Enter Detective Taylor Kwon, a tenacious investigator tasked with unraveling the tangled threads surrounding Greely's death. Meanwhile, Keegan pays a visit to his employer, Robert Morel, and his lawyer, Marcus Baptiste. The latter reveals that Greely had attempted to extort Morel, furnishing local mobster Baby Jack with incriminating evidence of Morel's illicit dealings. In a gruesome display of retribution, Keegan eliminates Baby Jack and his entourage, recovering the compromising file in the process.

As Kwon delves deeper into the case, he crosses paths with Bobo, only to be set upon by corrupt lawmen acting on Morel's orders. In a desperate bid for survival, Kwon is shot before Bobo intervenes, rescuing him from certain death. Utilizing the detective's intel, they track down Ronnie Earl, the middleman responsible for hiring Bobo and Blanchard on Morel's behalf. A tense confrontation ensues as Bobo interrogates Ronnie at a Turkish bathhouse, ultimately ending in the hitman's victory.

However, Kwon's actions soon test Bobo's patience, leading to an explosive revelation: the detective had deliberately tampered with Bobo's gun, unable to trust his new ally. The two put aside their differences and join forces, driven by a shared determination to bring Morel to justice.

Their partnership is put to the ultimate test when they kidnap Baptiste and subject him to a grueling interrogation at Bobo's secluded boathouse. Under duress, Baptiste reveals an extensive corruption scheme orchestrated by Morel to replace low-income housing projects with luxurious condominiums. The ex-mercenary Keegan is also outed as Morel's instrument of terror.

As the stakes escalate, Kwon finds himself abandoned by Bobo and forced to seek the assistance of Lieutenant Lebreton, only to discover that even this supposed ally has been compromised by Morel's influence. In a heart-pumping sequence of events, Bobo intervenes once more, saving Kwon from certain doom.

Morel's final gambit is to kidnap Bobo's adult daughter, Lisa, offering her safe return in exchange for the incriminating flashdrive. Keegan, seething with rage, exacts vengeance on Morel before turning his attention to Bobo. The ensuing axe fight is a primal display of fury and desperation, ultimately culminating in Bobo's decisive strike that silences Keegan forever.

As Kwon expertly seizes the flashdrive, Bobo seizes the opportunity to exact a calculated revenge, striking Kwon with precision accuracy and rendering his shoulder vulnerable to injury. The ruse is revealed as Bobo cunningly orchestrates the deception, feigning innocence while whispering in Kwon's ear that the blame for Morel's gangsters lies squarely at his feet. Six weeks later, the two adversaries meet once more, Kwon's expression a masterclass in restraint as he reveals to Bobo that his plan to pin the blame had ultimately been foiled. But Bobo, undeterred by the revelation, issues a defiant challenge, daring Kwon to take him down in a battle of wits and strength - a proposition Kwon is more than happy to accept.