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Brazen does not have end credit scenes.




When reclusive mystery writer Grace returns to her family's Washington D.C. home, she's drawn into a tangled web of deceit after her estranged sister's murder. As secrets unfold, including a hidden life as a webcam performer, Grace defies warnings from sharp-eyed detective Ed to unravel the truth, risking everything in a complex dance between love, lies and lethal obsession.

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In a life shrouded in secrecy, Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup), sister to bestselling author Grace (Alyssa Milano), navigates a dual existence. By day, she dons the persona of a drama and English teacher, while by night, she assumes the pseudonym Desiree, captivating audiences on Fantasy Incorporated's adult website as a webcam performer. This dichotomy might initially seem incongruous with the themes of Grace's novels, which appear to focus on women being murdered. However, a closer examination reveals that these stories are, in fact, powerful critiques of misogyny, patriarchy, and the societal failures that leave vulnerable individuals preyed upon.

As Kathleen finds herself embroiled in a contentious custody battle against her wealthy ex-husband, Jonathan Breezewood, she turns to Grace for support. Armed with incriminating files that reveal Jonathan's embezzlement from their family trust and his penchant for blackmail, Kathleen hopes to secure full custody of their son. It is amidst this turmoil that Grace meets Detective Ed Jennings (Sam Page), a charming neighbor who captures her attention. Their date culminates in a devastating discovery: Kathleen's lifeless body lies on the floor of her bedroom.

In the aftermath of her sister's tragic demise, Grace seeks solace from Detective Ed, and together they embark on an investigation into Kathleen's mysterious passing. The detectives' inquiry leads them to Fantasy Incorporated, where they uncover Kathleen's alter ego, Desiree, a persona known only to a select few within the company. As Grace collects her sister's belongings from the school, she is approached by Jerald Baxter (Matthew Finlan), a student who hints at the involvement of Billy Sachs, the maintenance worker, in Kathleen's double life.

During their investigation, Detective Ed and his team initially focus on Jonathan Breezewood as a suspect, only to discover that he possesses an unshakeable alibi. The discovery of another webcam performer's murder, however, sparks a chilling realization: a serial killer is at large, with Kathleen's demise merely the opening salvo in a campaign of terror and violence.

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Despite Ed's skepticism, Grace convinces the captain that her instincts could be a valuable asset in unraveling the motive behind a series of gruesome murders. The captain agrees to partner with her, and together they delve into the case. As they analyze a recorded footage of the killer, they uncover a crucial clue: the assailant utters the name "Desiree" during a scuffle with another victim. This revelation suggests that the killer's vengeance is specifically targeted at Kathleen's online persona. The investigation takes a dramatic turn when a bouquet addressed to Desiree is discovered at Kathleen's funeral, leading them to trace the purchase back to Rand Morgan, a student of Kathleen's who lacks a valid alibi for the nights of the murders.

As they continue to follow leads, the next victim manages to survive and provides a detailed profile of her attacker, ultimately resulting in Rand Morgan's arrest. However, Grace remains unconvinced and decides to dig deeper after speaking with Billy Sachs, uncovering a shocking revelation: Rand and Richie, another student, are secretly together. This new information sheds light on Rand's absence of alibi - he didn't want to come out to his father about being with Richie during the murders.

Armed with this knowledge, Grace concocts a plan to lure the killer into the open by becoming Fantasy Inc.'s new Desiree and triggering the assailant to make their next move. The captain agrees to her proposal, and they set the trap in motion. But just as everyone is gathered at Kathleen's house waiting to catch the perpetrator, detective Ed receives a shocking phone call that sets everything ablaze once more.

Who is the killer?

In a stunning twist, the team discovers that Randy and Jerald got into a heated altercation at the high school, with Randy revealing in the ER that Jerald has an unhealthy obsession with Kathleen, even referring to her as "his Kathleen." With this new information, the entire team springs into action, racing to Jerald's house to apprehend him.

As Jerald's disdain for his mother Martha intensified, he found solace in Kathleen's warm and compassionate nature - a stark contrast to his mother's suffocating dominance. His admiration for Kathleen grew as she embodied the nurturing qualities that were absent from his childhood. However, the discovery of Kathleen's Fantasy Inc. persona, Desiree, sent Jerald's perception of her spiraling out of control. The revelation that Desiree was a dominatrix triggered a deep-seated fear in Jerald, reminiscent of the controlling dynamics he had endured with his mother.

This epiphany sparked a dark and deadly obsession within Jerald, driving him to commit a series of gruesome murders. His fixation on killing only intensified when he learned about Grace's impending fate at his hands. The police arrived at Jerald's residence to find him missing, only to discover that he had been secretly recording his confession at Kathleen's house.

As Jerald and Kathleen engaged in a violent struggle, their chaos inadvertently revealed the presence of a hidden gun, stashed behind a mannequin by Kathleen herself. In a desperate bid to claim the weapon, Grace attempted to reach it first, but Jerald beat her to it. Just as he was about to fire, Detective Ed intervened, striking down Jerald and saving Grace from certain doom.

With justice served, the case closed, and the darkness lifted, Grace and Detective Ed began a new chapter in their lives together, their love blossoming amidst the ashes of Jerald's chaos (Jerald). The once-tormented soul had finally found peace, as the curtain fell on his tragic tale.