Does The Watchers have end credit scenes?


The Watchers does not have end credit scenes.

The Watchers

The Watchers


In the misty depths of western Ireland's untamed wilderness, 28-year-old artist Mina finds herself lost and alone. Seeking refuge from the elements, she stumbles upon an eerie sanctuary, only to discover she's not alone. As night falls, three strangers join her, trapped together as they're stalked by cryptic creatures, their presence a haunting reminder that some secrets are best left unwatched.

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As Mina (played by) navigates her daily routine at a pet shop in Ireland, she's grappling with the weight of her mother's untimely passing, an accident that occurred when Mina was just a child. This senseless tragedy has led to a rift between her and her twin sister, leaving Mina feeling isolated and adrift. Her boss tasks her with delivering a prized bird, whom she names Darwin, and as she drives into the vast Irish wilderness, her car suddenly breaks down, stranding her in the heart of the forest. As night begins to fall, Mina's car vanishes, leaving her alone and disoriented.

Seeking shelter, she stumbles upon an eccentric old woman, Madeline (played by), who seems to be watching her with an unnerving intensity. Drawn to the sound of inexplicable noises emanating from the forest, Mina follows Madeline to a mysterious bunker-like structure known as "The Coop." There, she meets Ciara and Daniel, two individuals who have been trapped in this isolated world for months, sharing stories of their daily struggles to survive.

As the days pass, Mina learns that The Watchers, a shadowy group, observe them through the mirrored glass of the coop every night. Madeline is adamant about following the rules: avoid venturing outside under the cover of darkness, as it's said that anyone who does will meet a gruesome fate at the hands of The Watchers; never enter the Burrows, a network of tunnels that serve as their daytime sanctuary; and always keep the light of day at bay. Mina finds herself growing closer to Ciara and Daniel as they share tales of their lives before being marooned in this strange forest.

But tensions simmer beneath the surface as Mina clashes with Madeline over her rigid adherence to the rules. The latter seems driven by an unwavering fear of The Watchers, while Mina is desperate to uncover the truth behind these enigmatic entities. As she and Daniel explore the Burrows, they stumble upon a treasure trove of discarded items, including an old bike and camcorder. Eager to prove that The Watchers are real, they decide to use the camera to capture evidence of their existence.

However, their plans are disrupted when "John" (Ciara's husband) seemingly appears at the Coop, only to be refused entry by Madeline. As Mina and Daniel watch in horror, "John" is brutally attacked. The Watchers then shatter a portion of the mirrored glass, sending the group into a panic. Madeline returns the retrieved items to the Burrows the following day, seemingly appeasing The Watchers' wrath.

As the bitter cold of winter descends, the group's precarious existence within the Coop begins to unravel. Factions form and tempers fray, with Daniel's decision to lock out Mina and Madeline at night serving as a catalyst for the escalating tensions. The duo is forced to seek shelter in the surrounding forest, where they bear witness to the Watchers' anguished reactions to their absence. Their return to the Coop is met with Madeline's revelation that these humanoid creatures, known as Changelings or Faeries, are ancient beings attempting to master human imitation. The Watchers' ire is particularly inflamed by Mina's repeated transgressions, and they redouble their efforts to infiltrate the Coop.

In response, the group discovers a hidden entrance leading beneath their sanctuary, where they find a well-stocked bunker filled with supplies and a computer containing the video diaries of a professor who created the Coop. His recordings detail his groundbreaking research into the Watchers, which initially yielded fascinating insights but ultimately proved perilous. The Professor's desperation is palpable as he explains his plan to escape the forest in his final diary entry, before imploring that his university notes be destroyed and bidding farewell to his captives.

The next day, the group emerges from their underground refuge to find the Coop ransacked and Daniel lost to the Watchers. With no alternative, they follow the Professor's guidance to escape, guided by Darwin's expertise as night falls. Mina, Madeline, and Ciara successfully flee the forest, leaving Daniel's fate behind.

Days later, Mina visits the professor's university, driven by a desire to destroy his notes. Her discovery that the Watchers once coexisted peacefully with humanity before being forced underground and sealed in sparks a mix of emotions within her. Furthermore, she learns about the existence of half-human, half-Watcher hybrids capable of exploring the world during the day.

Upon returning to Ciara's home, Mina shares the photographs she found in the office, revealing that Madeline was, in fact, the Professor's wife who died before he entered the forest. This shocking revelation prompts Mina to realize that Madeline is none other than the Watcher that the Professor managed to capture and bond with in his bunker.

As reality converges, Ciara (the genuine article) materializes at the threshold of the house, only to be met with the shocking revelation that the Ciara Mina had been conversing with is, in fact, Madeline. The latter's true nature as a half-human, half-Watcher hybrid begins to manifest as she cycles through various personas - first as Ciara, then as Madeline, John, and finally Daniel - before striking down Ciara with brutal efficiency and unleashing a fierce assault on Mina.

As the chaos subsides, Madeline reveals her long-held desire to transcend the confines of the forest and replicate Mina's existence. Mina, grappling with the implications of this new information, manages to reason with Madeline, gently coaxing her to release the pent-up emotions fueling her anger and grief towards humans. The Watcher hybrid begins to transform, ultimately shedding her human trappings to assume her true form, and departs into the unknown.

Meanwhile, Mina has undergone a profound transformation of her own, reconciling with her sister and overcoming the weight of her own sorrow. As she emerges from this period of introspection, Madeline reappears in a new guise - that of a cherubic child - patiently keeping watch over Mina like a guardian angel, ever vigilant and ready to defend her human counterpart against any future threats.