Does Brian and Charles have end credit scenes?


Brian and Charles does not have end credit scenes.

Brian and Charles

Brian and Charles


In rural Wales, lonely inventor Brian toils away, constructing eccentric gadgets that often malfunction. Undaunted, he embarks on his most ambitious project yet: creating Charles, an AI robot born from a washing machine and spare parts. As their bond grows, this unlikely duo navigates the upsides of loneliness, the power of friendship, and the beauty of finding love in unexpected places.

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In the quaint rural landscape of Wales, Brian Gittins (a lonely inventor) dwells in a world of his own making. His workshop is a menagerie of half-built contraptions, each a testament to his inventive spirit and propensity for experimentation gone awry. Amidst this eccentric backdrop, Brian's life takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon the remnants of a mannequin's head, inspiring him to undertake the ambitious project of creating an artificially-intelligent robot.

As the stormy night descends, Brian is astonished to discover that his robot has suddenly come to life. He names it Charles Petrescu and finds himself enthralled by the curious and childlike nature of this mechanical creation. As the days pass, Brian and Charles form a bond, with the robot learning English by devouring dictionaries and gaining a penchant for exploration. However, Brian's protective instincts prevail, and he cautions Charles to remain within the confines of his property.

As their relationship deepens, Brian begins to introduce Charles to the world beyond his workshop. The unlikely duo becomes a familiar sight in town, with Brian working as a handyman and Charles tagging along, much to the delight of Hazel (a woman whose mother Brian has been helping). Despite Brian's initial reservations, Hazel is enchanted by Charles and eventually agrees to join them on a stroll around a nearby lake, where Brian musters the courage to ask her out.

Charles's insatiable desire for exploration, however, leads to a rift between him and Brian. The robot's growing restlessness culminates in a confrontation with Eddie, a local bully, who offers to purchase Charles but is rebuffed by Brian. This refusal sparks a physical altercation, leaving Brian battered and bruised.

The next morning, Brian returns home to find his front door shattered and Charles missing. A frantic search ensues, leading Brian and Hazel to discover the robot at Eddie's residence. Initially, Eddie claims that Charles arrived uninvited, but Brian and Hazel soon uncover his sinister intentions: a bonfire awaits the mechanical interloper later that night.

As the clock ticks toward disaster, Brian and Hazel join forces to construct a device aimed at saving Charles from the flames. With their combined ingenuity and determination, they hatch a plan to thwart Eddie's nefarious plans and ensure the robot's safe return.

As the night wears on, Brian and Hazel hasten back to the bonfire, where a heart-stopping drama unfolds as Brian intervenes mere moments before Charles succumbs to the flames. The timely rescue sets off a chain reaction, prompting Eddie and his kin to pursue Brian, Charles, and Hazel into town, where the collective townsfolk converge to confront the thieving duo on their nefarious activities.

With the assistance of Brian's ingenious contraptions, he and Charles orchestrate a clever ruse, successfully expelling Eddie and his family from the community. As the dust settles, the trio emerges victorious, their bond forged in the fire of adversity.

The next morning dawns, and with a newfound appreciation for Charles' insatiable wanderlust, Brian presents him with a coveted pass that will grant him unfettered access to traverse the globe. As Brian and Hazel bid farewell to their friend at the train station, they stand witness to the start of an extraordinary journey as Charles departs on his odyssey, leaving in his wake a trail of memories etched across various cityscapes, showcased during the credits in a visually stunning montage that captures the essence of his far-flung adventures.