Does Cold Deck have end credit scenes?


Cold Deck does not have end credit scenes.

Cold Deck

Cold Deck


A gambler has to pull off a high-stakes heist to get out of debt.

Runtime: 80 min






5.0 /10

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Bobby, a compulsive gambler, is trapped in a vicious cycle of debt and dependency, much to the dismay of his invalid mother, Audrey, who is still haunted by the ruinous consequences of her husband's addiction. His life is a constant balancing act between his own self-destructive tendencies and the financial burdens of caring for Audrey, whose mounting medical expenses are a constant reminder of his father's mistakes. Meanwhile, Bobby's social life revolves around Kim, a waitress at Chips' gaming hall, where he's constantly tempted by the allure of high-stakes poker games.

As Bobby's losing streak continues to pile up debt and desperation, his friend Ben suggests an audacious plan: enter a high-stakes game hosted by Turk, a wealthy gambler known for his generosity. Convinced that the bankers will be easy marks, they steal a car to raise enough money for the buy-in, but when this isn't enough, Bobby is forced to make a desperate decision and pilfer his mother's life savings.

At Turk's game, Bobby is initially thrilled to see Chips vouching for him, thinking he's got an inside track. However, his excitement quickly turns to frustration as he realizes he'll be competing against another skilled player. Despite their best efforts, Chips and Bobby easily eliminate the bankers, but when they're the only ones left, Turk takes out a suitcase containing $250,000. In a stunning upset, Chips wins the pot without even looking at his cards, leaving Bobby seething with resentment.

When Bobby returns home, he's met with a stern rebuke from his mother, who kicks him out after he apologizes for his continued recklessness. Desperate and defeated, Bobby turns to Kim, who makes him agree to get his life in order if they're serious about taking their relationship to the next level.

As Bobby becomes increasingly disillusioned with his dead-end job at a factory floor, Ben talks him into an even riskier proposition: robbing Turk's monthly poker game. Initially hesitant, Bobby is eventually convinced by Ben's persuasive arguments and the promise of a life-changing payday. The two hatched a plan to storm the game, using shotguns and tear gas to get what they want.

When Turk proves reluctant to hand over the pot, Bobby and Ben resort to threats against his child. Despite Chips' frustration with their brazen entrance and lack of warning about the tear gas, he ultimately decides to split the take with them, handing each a $50,000 windfall.

As a gesture of goodwill towards his mother, Bobby makes amends by settling his debts and securing her premium care, including access to a groundbreaking new treatment. Meanwhile, Chips provides a solid alibi for Bobby's whereabouts, fabricating security footage that shows him at the gaming hall, effectively clearing his name with Turk. The news of Bobby's newfound financial stability sparks concern in Kim, who demands he swear off any further dealings with Chips and instead opt for a straight-laced lifestyle. Bobby agrees to clean up his act but can't help but wonder why Kim has such strong feelings against Chips, prompting him to hazard a guess that she might have had a personal connection with the dubious character. Kim's expression betrays her pain as she confirms Bobby's suspicion: Chips once confessed to cheating her former partner out of a life-changing windfall, leaving her seething with resentment. Incensed by this revelation, Bobby confronts Chips, only to be summarily ejected from the premises and left with no choice but to report his findings to Turk.

The tables soon turn as Turk pays a visit to Bobby's residence, seeking his assistance in tracking down Chips. Initially skeptical of Bobby's claims that Chips was behind the heist, Turk ultimately agrees to join forces with him. As Kim, an aspiring actress with a flair for dramatics, sets up a meeting between Bobby and Chips under the guise of resolving their differences, Bobby takes advantage of the opportunity to engage in one final game of high-stakes poker. With Chips convinced that this is his chance to settle scores once and for all, Bobby seizes control of the table, emerging victorious as Turk bursts into the room and eliminates Chips' entourage with ruthless efficiency. As Turk hesitates over whether to add Bobby's name to his growing list of enemies, law enforcement arrives on the scene, cutting down Turk with a hail of bullets. With the dust settling around him, Bobby makes his escape, expressing heartfelt gratitude to Kim for orchestrating the events that led to Chips' downfall and ultimately brought about his own liberation from the cycle of violence and deception.