Does Claire Dolan have end credit scenes?


Claire Dolan does not have end credit scenes.

Claire Dolan

Claire Dolan


In a gritty portrayal of redemption, Claire Dolan's life is forever changed after losing her mother. Abandoning her past as a New York City sex worker, Katrin Cartlidge's protagonist embarks on a quest for love and family, seeking to break free from the cycle of exploitation and find solace in a brighter future.

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Claire Dolan (Irish immigrant and sex worker) trudges through life with a heavy burden, forced to continue her profession due to debts owed to her pimp. Seeking solace in a distant cousin's company in Newark, New Jersey, Claire finds respite from her struggles at a local salon. As she forms a connection with her cousin, Siobhan, and starts to rebuild her life, the shadows of her past begin to creep back in.

Mysterious phone calls disrupt her newfound sense of peace, leaving Claire feeling vulnerable and uneasy. The silence is oppressive, and she becomes convinced that her old life is closing in on her. In a desperate bid for safety, Claire flees her apartment and stumbles into a nearby bar, where she strikes up a conversation with a stranger, Elton. As they dance the night away, Claire finds a fleeting sense of freedom and companionship.

The next morning, she wakes up in Elton's bed, having traded her uncertainty for a temporary reprieve from her troubles. Returning to her apartment, Claire senses that something is off. It isn't long before Elton confronts her about her true identity, her whereabouts, and the truth behind her profession. As they grow closer over the coming days and weeks, their bond deepens, and they confess their love for each other.

However, Elton's world is turned upside down when he pays a visit to Claire's past, seeking answers from Roland, the man who has been holding her captive. Roland's venomous words cut deeply, revealing his true nature and leaving Elton with an impossible choice: abandon the woman he loves or risk everything to stand by her side.

As he navigates the complexities of his own identity, it's subtly hinted that this mysterious figure might be the patriarch of a family tree that's deeply intertwined with his own. Meanwhile, an Eastern European courtesan becomes an unlikely confidante in a hotel room encounter, where he trades small talk for introspection rather than indulging in the fleeting pleasure she has to offer. His preoccupation with her conversation suggests a mind consumed by inner turmoil, as if the secrets he's seeking are hidden within the labyrinthine corridors of his own psyche.

Back in the city, Claire takes a trip to the doctor and receives a clean bill of health, but her thoughts remain fixated on her impending motherhood. As she continues to cater to her clients, a fleeting glimpse of Elton's reflection on her balcony momentarily freezes her in time. Her client, oblivious to the sudden interruption, encourages her to keep the window open for some fresh air, unwittingly allowing Elton to eavesdrop on their encounter from above.

As Claire finally gains the financial freedom to settle her debts, she pays a visit to Roland, only to be met with a mixture of curiosity and congratulations. He inquires about her plans for motherhood, but his genuine interest is tempered by an underlying sense of paternalism. Elton's associate then offers Claire a sum of money ostensibly intended for the baby, but she declines, recognizing that such a gesture could become a future bargaining chip.

Undeterred, Claire packs her bags with a sense of finality and sets course for the airport, leaving behind the uncertainty that has defined her life thus far. Little does she know, Elton is walking hand in hand with his blonde companion down a city street when Roland suddenly appears, their chance encounter serving as a harbinger of the complicated web of relationships that will soon ensnare them all. As it becomes clear that Elton's partner is seven months pregnant with a baby girl, the stage is set for a tangled drama that will threaten to upend everything in its path.