Does Bulletproof have end credit scenes?


Bulletproof does not have end credit scenes.




When former friends-turned-enemies Archie Moses and Rock Keats find themselves in a desperate fight for survival, their bitter rivalry takes a backseat to their shared quest for redemption. As they're pursued by ruthless drug lord Frank Colton, the bickering duo must put aside their differences and work together to stay one step ahead of death.

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5.8 /10

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In the sun-kissed streets of Los Angeles, Archie Moses (Adam Sandler), a small-time crook and thief, has made a name for himself as a loyal foot soldier in Frank Colton's (James Caan) criminal empire. Unbeknownst to Moses, his best friend Rock Keats (Damon Wayans), who's secretly LAPD undercover cop Jack Carter, has been working tirelessly to gather evidence against the ruthless drug lord and infiltrate his operation. One fateful night, Carter seizes the opportunity to extract information from his unwitting friend, leading him to a valuable address that will ultimately aid in Colton's downfall.

As events unfold, Carter orchestrates a daring heist on one of Colton's fronts, leaving Moses shaken but unaware of his friend's true identity. In the heat of the moment, an unpredictable crane malfunction leaves Moses reeling, and he accidentally shoots Carter, who miraculously survives with the aid of physical therapist Dr. Traci Flynn (Kristen Wilson). With his world turned upside down, Moses flees the state, only to be apprehended later and brought into custody.

As Carter recovers from his ordeal, his superiors, including Jensen (James Farentino), urge him to personally escort Moses to testify against Colton across the country. The two former friends are forced to confront their complicated past and put aside their animosity in order to navigate this treacherous landscape. However, just as they're making progress, a series of events spirals out of control when Colton learns about Moses's attempt to cooperate with the law.

With Carter's superior officer, Jensen, breathing down his neck, Jack must find a way to rectify the situation and put an end to Colton's reign of terror. As the stakes grow higher, Carter and Moses concoct a daring plan to infiltrate Colton's inner circle, shooting their way past his loyal guards in a thrilling showdown. But just as they think they've gained the upper hand, it becomes clear that Dr. Flynn has been secretly working for Colton all along, setting the stage for a heart-pumping confrontation.

In the end, Carter emerges victorious, having taken down Colton and secured the incriminating evidence needed to bring him to justice. As Moses recuperates from his ordeal, he makes the bold decision to leave his life of crime behind and pursue a new passion – bullfighting – in Mexico. With Carter and his mother by his side, Moses begins a fresh chapter in this vibrant city, leaving the troubles of his past firmly in the rearview mirror.