Does Cobra have end credit scenes?


Cobra does not have end credit scenes.




A mathematician uses his knowledge to commit crimes.

Runtime: 87 min

Box Office: $49M








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5.8 /10

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In a city gripped by terror, one man stands as the sole antidote to the poison of crime. Meet Lt. Marion Cobretti, aka Cobra (Sylvester Stallone), a law enforcement enforcer driven by an unyielding passion for justice and a penchant for bending the rules. With his signature shades and toothpick habit, Cobra is a force to be reckoned with, leaving a trail of apprehended perpetrators in his wake - often at great cost to their lives.

But when a mysterious cult begins to spread its dark influence across the city, claiming innocent victims and reveling in the fear they inspire, even Cobra's formidable reputation may not be enough to contain the threat. The cult's modus operandi is chilling: they strike without warning, dispatching their prey with brutal efficiency using jagged blades and an arsenal of psychological manipulation.

Ingrid (Brigitte Nielsen), a stunning model, inadvertently crosses paths with one of these ruthless killers at a bus stop, setting off a deadly cat-and-mouse game. As the cult begins to stalk her, claiming innocent lives along the way, Cobra is summoned to the scene, partnered with the lovable but slovenly Sergeant Gonzales. Ingrid's accounts of the strange occurrences and eerie encounters at the bus stop provide a vital clue for Cobra to unravel the mystery.

However, his progress is hindered by Detective Monte, a bureaucratic obstacle who takes umbrage with Cobra's unorthodox methods. The department's higher-ups, Chief and Captain Sears, eventually relent, allowing Cobra to unleash his unique brand of street smarts in the hunt for the killers. With his reputation on the line and his partner skeptical, Cobra must navigate the seedy underbelly of downtown, where pimps, prostitutes, and other shady characters dwell - only to find that none of them possess crucial information about the cult's identity or motives.

As Cobra's investigative prowess converges with a string of gruesome supermarket killings and mass murders in the capital, Detective Monte's wise-cracking antics and Captain Sears' hesitancy to use force fail to grasp the gravity of the situation. The fact that Ingrid almost fell prey to the cult's brutal tactics at the hands of Night Slasher and that numerous innocent lives were lost in the hospital's dark corridors only serves to further underscore their ineptitude. Meanwhile, Captain Sears reluctantly agrees to let Cobra escort Ingrid out of the city, accompanied by Gonzales and a seemingly trustworthy female cop named Nancy Stalk - little realizing that this move will only embolden the cult's sinister plans.

As they settle into a secluded motel, the sparks flying between Ingrid and Cobra are palpable. However, their romantic reprieve is short-lived, as the cult's relentless pursuit soon has them on high alert once more. A fiery inferno engulfs the motel, leaving Gonzales fighting for his life - and Cobra and Ingrid forced to flee in a pick-up truck, narrowly avoiding a catastrophic collision with a burning car blocking their escape route. Cobra's resourcefulness allows him to take down several would-be assailants using his trusty laser mount sub-machine gun.

Their journey eventually leads them to a chemical factory, where the stakes are raised as Night Slasher and Cobra finally face off in a confrontation that will leave only one party standing. With a maniacal tirade, Night Slasher proclaims that Cobra's brand of justice is feeble and that their cult will forever be the dominant force - a declaration that sends Cobra into a rage-fueled frenzy, culminating in a gruesome showdown that sees Night Slasher impaled on a massive metal hook before plummeting into a molten vat of metal. Though Nancy meets her own demise at Cobra's hands, it is clear that justice has finally been served.

As the dust settled in the abandoned factory, Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) and Ingrid (Brigitte Nielsen) stumbled out, their rugged exteriors bearing testament to the brutal battle they had just survived. Captain Danning's (played by...?) gruff demeanor couldn't mask his admiration for Cobra's unyielding determination, despite Monte's (played by...?) petty complaints about excessive force. The latter's hubris ultimately earned him a crushing blow from Cobra, leaving him motionless on the ground.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Cobra and Ingrid mounted their motorbike, the sound of Kiss's iconic "Can You Get Enough" wafting through the air as they rode off into the fiery glow. This was more than just a victory; it was a defiant declaration of triumph, with Ingrid by Cobra's side. The day had been saved, and all that remained was for the dust to settle on their unapologetic celebration – a classic blend of action-packed bravado and romance, served up with the signature flair of a Stallone-led production.