Does Chalet Girl have end credit scenes?


Chalet Girl does not have end credit scenes.

Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl


In the picturesque mountains, 19-year-old Kim trades in her skateboard for a snowboard, and a burger joint gig for a job as a chalet girl. As she navigates the challenges of skiing and her posh employers' expectations, Kim discovers an unlikely passion and talent on the slopes. With the help of charming Jonny, can she overcome her doubts and conquer the pro-boarding competition?

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Felicity Jones shines as nineteen-year-old Kim Mathews, a former skateboarding prodigy whose life was forever changed by the tragic loss of her mother in a devastating car accident. As she navigates her new reality alongside her father (Bill Bailey), Kim finds solace in the monotony of working at a fast-food burger joint to make ends meet. However, when household expenses become unsustainable, Kim's search for a better-paying job leads her down an unexpected path. Her friend's recommendation to work as a "chalet girl" in the picturesque Alps seems like a far-fetched fantasy, but with some luck and timing, Kim lands the position at the last minute, filling the void left by the injured previous chalet girl. As she settles into her new surroundings, Kim forms an initial aversion to Georgie (Tamsin Egerton), another chalet girl sent to assist her. The two women couldn't be more different - Kim is a city girl without the luxury of skiing or snowboarding skills, while Georgie embodies the quintessential posh Alps dweller. Yet, despite their differences, Kim finds herself drawn to Jonny (Ed Westwick), the wealthy son of Richard (Bill Nighy) and Caroline (Brooke Shields), who just so happens to be in a relationship with Chloe (Sophia Bush). Undeterred, Kim sets out to master the art of snowboarding, but her struggles are met with empathetic guidance from Mikki (Ken Duken), who persuades her to participate in a €25,000 snowboarding competition. As Kim's skills improve, so does her bond with Georgie, and the two women forge an unlikely friendship that transcends their initial animosity. Meanwhile, Kim's continued pursuit of snowboarding excellence becomes an outlet for processing her lingering fears and emotional scars from the car crash that claimed her mother's life.

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As their connection deepens, Jonny (character not specified) finds himself lingering at the chalet after a business trip, with a newfound desire to spend quality time with Kim. He proposes an unconventional proposition: to pay her to teach him the art of snowboarding. The day spent carving through the snowy terrain culminates in a fleeting yet electric moment of intimacy between them. Unbeknownst to Jonny, their tryst has not gone unnoticed - Bernhard (Gregor Bloéb), a keen observer, takes it upon himself to inform Jonny's mother, Caroline, about her son's newfound companionship.

The morning after their whirlwind romance, Caroline catches the pair and drops a bombshell: Jonny is engaged to Chloe. Kim departs the scene, her emotions in disarray due to Jonny's deception. Her father, however, convinces her to stay for the snowboarding competition, citing it as what her mother would have wanted.

Meanwhile, Jonny finds himself torn between his obligations and his growing feelings for Kim. He ultimately makes the difficult decision to end things with Chloe at their engagement party in London. When asked if he's in love with Kim, he confesses that she has captured his heart.

As news of their breakup reaches Kim, she seems to have lost interest in Jonny's affections. However, Mikki and Kim take to the snowboarding course, where they face off against some of the world's best. Despite her initial struggles, Kim perseveres, only to be halted by memories of a tragic car accident that still lingered in her mind. Her performance earns her a respectable 21st place, but she remains on standby as a reserve, waiting for any of the top 20 finalists to drop out.

In a stunning turn of events, world champion Tara Dakides (playing herself) pulls out of the competition, gifting Kim an unexpected opportunity to take her spot. With newfound determination and a sense of closure, Kim visualizes her mother cheering her on from the sidelines as she navigates the course. Her confidence culminates in a flawless high-jump performance, securing her a well-deserved win.

Jonny, having reconciled his past with Chloe, reappears at Kim's side, offering a heartfelt apology. The two engage in a playful repartee before sharing another tender moment. As the world watches on TV, Richard and Caroline bear witness to Jonny and Kim's reunion, their mother finally warming up to the idea of her son's happiness with Kim.