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In the rugged Scottish wilderness, two lifelong friends embark on a perilous hunting trip that pushes their values to the limit. As the stakes escalate, they must confront the darkness within themselves and face the ultimate question: what's the true cost of their friendship?

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6.8 /10

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In this tense and gripping tale, an unbridled entrepreneur from Edinburgh, Marcus (character), seizes the opportunity to take his old boarding school chum, Vaughn, on a testosterone-fueled hunting expedition in the majestic Scottish Highlands. Vaughn, a man soon to become a father himself, is an inexperienced hunter, but he's eager to prove his mettle alongside Marcus. The duo settles into a cozy village pub, where they encounter Logan, a pillar of the community lamenting the economic downturn, and two captivating young women, Kara and Iona. As the night wears on, Marcus becomes increasingly reckless, abandoning all sense of responsibility as he indulges in the pleasures of the evening with Kara, heedless of warnings to keep his distance.

Vaughn, meanwhile, finds himself drawn to Iona, their mutual attraction almost palpable, but his thoughts are ultimately consumed by his impending fatherhood. The pair's revelry is cut short when Marcus drags Vaughn out of bed at dawn, eager to get the hunting underway. As they set off into the wilderness, Vaughn begins to suspect that Marcus has been indulging in illicit substances, a discovery that sparks a heated rebuke.

The day takes a dark and sinister turn as Vaughn realizes he's forgotten his rifle ammunition, prompting Marcus to lend him one of his own firearms – a decision that flagrantly disregards the strict regulations governing gun ownership. As they stalk their prey through the dense forest, their quarry suddenly appears in a clearing: a doe, accompanied by an unsuspecting young boy hiding behind her. Vaughn's instincts kick in, and he raises his rifle to take aim, but the deer inexplicably spins around, revealing the boy in all his innocence. In that fateful moment, Vaughn's life is forever altered as he takes the boy's life, leaving him shattered and numb.

The father of the deceased boy arrives on the scene, consumed by grief and fury, and fixes Vaughn with a malevolent glare. It's then that Marcus intervenes, shooting the distraught man and dispatching any hope of justice or redemption. As the night falls, Marcus convinces a traumatized Vaughn that they must take matters into their own hands, burying the bodies under the cover of darkness to avoid detection by the authorities. But as they make their escape, the petrol station owner's words echo in their minds: Logan has spoken, and no other hunters are around – leaving them with no choice but to confront the full weight of their heinous actions.

As the sun dips below the horizon, Marcus and Logan return to their village abode, where they're treated to a warm dinner invitation by Logan and his brother Al. The evening's conversation takes an unexpected turn when Logan broaches the subject of securing investors to revitalize the community, seeking Marcus' expertise in identifying potential backers. As night falls, the group embarks on a somber task - burying the deceased.

Marcus' recovery of the bullets is a meticulous process, involving a knife and a grueling effort to extract Vaughn's bullet from the young boy's skull, much to Vaughn's dismay. The pair returns just before dawn, only to be spotted by the inquisitive eyes of the B&B owner's young son.

Their plans for departure are subsequently foiled when Brian, another of Logan's brothers, deliberately sabotages their tires and launches a vicious attack on Marcus, fueled by his anger over Marcus' perceived betrayal with Kara and provision of cocaine. The garage mechanic's assessment that the repairs will take an entire day only adds to the group's growing frustration.

Their attempt to hire a taxi is met with a drunk driver, forcing Logan to instruct Brian to offer a half-hearted apology while complaining about the locals being beholden to "city twats" who might bring in much-needed revenue. As Marcus takes a moment to use the restroom, Vaughn shares his realization with Al and Iona that the deceased were none other than Logan's nephew and brother-in-law.

Al's suspicions are piqued when Marcus, upon returning, asks about "them," despite having only been informed of Logan's missing nephew. Logan requests their assistance in the search, which they agree to undertake, motivated by a desire to avoid arousing suspicion.

A dog leads the group to the location where they'd buried the bodies, and as they begin to dig them up, Marcus and Vaughn attempt to make a break for it. However, their fuel tank is compromised by a bullet fired by Brian, leaving them with no choice but to flee on foot. Vaughn stumbles and is gravely injured by the dog, which Marcus ultimately puts down.

As the group closes in, Marcus abandons Vaughn to his fate, allowing Logan and Brian to apprehend him. The rest of the party pursues Marcus relentlessly.

The scene shifts to a rural farm, where Logan and Brian take Vaughn into custody. Despite his initial reservations, Vaughn eventually confesses. However, Brian remains steadfast in his desire to kill them, convinced that there isn't sufficient evidence to implicate them. Logan, cognizant of the consequences, insists on involving the authorities instead.

Brian's objections are met with a stern response from Logan, who acknowledges that their deaths would be a grave injustice. As they hear news of Marcus' capture, Vaughn is locked away in a heavily guarded barn, his fate hanging precariously in the balance.

As the dawn breaks, Logan presents Vaughn with a stark ultimatum: surrender to his darker nature or risk losing everything dear to him - including his soon-to-be wife and their unborn child. Vaughn's resolve, however, remains steadfast, as he refuses to yield to the cruel demands of the ruthless Logan. Despite being reminded of the stakes, Vaughn's emotions get the better of him, and he succumbs to a torrent of tears, his usually stoic facade crumbling under the weight of desperation.

In the end, Logan's unyielding pressure forces Vaughn to take drastic action, and with a heavy heart, he takes the life of Marcus. The locals, aware of the gravity of the situation, swiftly remove any trace evidence - including Marcus's jeep - from the scene, ensuring that no incriminating signs remain. Just as Vaughn's fiancée is about to arrive, Logan instructs him to concoct a fabricated tale for the authorities, one that implicates Marcus in a daring escape north.

As the months tick by, Vaughn's once-clear conscience becomes increasingly clouded, like a perpetual haze of regret. The arrival of his wailing child brings only temporary solace, as he cradles his offspring with a mix of desperation and despair. His usually sharp gaze now seems haunted, weighed down by the crushing burden of his own moral compromise.