Does Burying the Ex have end credit scenes?


Burying the Ex does not have end credit scenes.

Burying the Ex

Burying the Ex


In this darkly comedic tale, a devoted horror enthusiast finds himself torn between his love for a flesh-eating undead sweetheart and the terror she inspires. As her reanimated corpse pursues him relentlessly, he must confront the true meaning of eternal devotion.

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Max (Anton Yelchin), a self-proclaimed horror aficionado and romantic at heart, finds himself entangled in a complex web of emotions as he navigates his relationship with the enigmatic Evelyn (Ashley Greene). As an ardent environmentalist, Evelyn is consumed by her passion for sustainability, while Max's own dreams revolve around opening a horror-themed memorabilia shop. Despite their differences, Max is desperate to keep Evelyn happy, sacrificing his own desires and habits in a bid to appease her. This includes adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle and parting with his beloved vehicle.

However, Max's true passion lies in his secret aspiration to establish a horror haven of his own, a prospect that Evelyn views with disdain. One fateful evening, as he unloads the latest shipments at his workplace, Max stumbles upon an unusual artifact - the Satan Genie - which promises to grant any individual's deepest desires. Initially dismissing it as a novelty item, Max stores the relic in the shop's storage room and moves on.

As the night wears on, Max and Evelyn share a tender moment of intimacy, vowing to be together forever. In a subsequent gesture of affection, Evelyn relocates into Max's apartment, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. The couple decides to celebrate this new chapter by indulging in a horror-themed ice cream treat at Olivia's (Alexandra Daddario) quaint shop. However, Evelyn's animosity towards Olivia is palpable, fuelled by her misinterpretation of the dynamic between the two.

As Max attempts to reassure Evelyn, she breaks down in tears, confessing that he is the sole source of happiness in her life since the loss of her mother. This poignant moment serves as a turning point in their relationship, foreshadowing the tumultuous events that will soon unfold.

As the facade of harmony crumbles, Max returns home to an unexpectedly revamped apartment, courtesy of his partner Evelyn's fastidious tastes. Gone are the nostalgic collectibles and posters that once adorned their walls, replaced by an aesthetic that seems to have been carefully curated without any input from him. The tension simmers as they clash over control, with Max lamenting the lack of joint decision-making in their relationship. Fearing a life of discontentment under Evelyn's overbearing thumb, Max contemplates the unthinkable – ending things once and for all. But his resolve is tempered by fear, leaving him stuck in limbo.

Seeking guidance from his laid-back half-brother Travis (Oliver Cooper), a self-proclaimed expert on all things awkward, Max is counseled to stage a public break-up as a means of airing their dirty laundry and making a swift exit. However, fate has other plans. Evelyn's hasty departure to the park, prompted by her discovery of the impending breakup, takes an unforeseen turn when she's struck by a bus in the middle of the road. As Max holds her lifeless body, his world is shattered by the cruel twist of circumstance, leaving him to confront the harsh reality of their relationship and the fragility of life itself.

As the days tick by, Max's emotional landscape is a barren wasteland, his heart heavy with the weight of responsibility for Evelyn's passing. It takes Travis's gentle prodding and a sympathetic ear to coax him out of his funk and back into the world. The chance encounter with Olivia sets off a chain reaction, as they bond over their shared fascination with the macabre. But their budding connection is about to take a dark turn. A night spent exploring the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, swapping scary stories with Olivia, ends in a jarring discovery: Evelyn has risen from the grave, her eyes aglow with an unsettling light. As Olivia departs, leaving Max alone once more, he's confronted by an undead Evelyn at his doorstep. Her joyful reunion with him is tempered only by her deluded assumption that their relationship remains intact. Faced with the unnerving reality of Evelyn's reanimation and the Satan Genie's twisted intervention, Max finds himself torn between his growing feelings for Olivia and the crushing burden of being stuck in a loveless limbo.

With his emotional priorities in disarray, Max embarks on a desperate quest to find a solution. He seeks guidance from the mysterious shop, only to have the Satan Genie's remains lie shattered at his feet, its power spent. In a last-ditch effort, he delves into the occult, scouring ancient texts and seeking spells to send Evelyn back to her eternal slumber. But as he attempts these dark rituals, it becomes clear that the forces of mortality are not so easily manipulated. The outcome is far from certain, leaving Max trapped in a living nightmare, forced to navigate the treacherous landscape of his own heart.

As Travis stumbles upon Max's unceremonious reunion with the inebriated Evelyn, he's initially hesitant to lend a helping hand. However, a transformation occurs within him, and he advises Max that the only means of ridding himself of this undead companion is through a gruesome decapitation with a machete. Max attempts to carry out this macabre plan but ultimately backs down at the eleventh hour. The day before Halloween, Olivia drops by the shop to visit Max, only to have their encounter interrupted by an unsettling phone call from Evelyn. Despite her ignorance of Evelyn's reanimated state, Olivia believes Max remains fixated on his former flame and extends an invitation for him to join her at a screening of Night of the Living Dead at the local cemetery. Travis seizes this opportunity to take matters into his own hands, feigning interest in an old DVD that Max had borrowed and prolonging his stay to annoy Evelyn. As a result, she develops an insatiable craving for brains and ultimately devours Travis.

Meanwhile, Max and Olivia find themselves growing closer as they spend time together, culminating in a romantic encounter within the confines of her automobile. Upon Max's return to his apartment, he's met with a gruesome sight: the lifeless body of Travis. Realizing that Evelyn's hunger for human flesh has intensified, making her a formidable force to be reckoned with, Max concocts a plan to trap her in a scalding bubble bath and barricade the bathroom door. He rushes out to summon the authorities, but in his haste, he forgets his cell phone behind. Undeterred, Evelyn manages to escape her watery prison and sets out to claim Olivia as her own after intercepting their flirtatious texts.

As Max frantically searches for a means to rescue Olivia, he discovers her captive and Evelyn's malevolent intentions through one of the police scanners. He learns that a malt shop has been vandalized, indicating Olivia's location. Returning to his apartment, Max finds himself face-to-face with the kidnapped Olivia, who's being menaced by the undead Evelyn. A violent confrontation ensues between the trio, resulting in Travis - revealed to be another reanimated corpse - delivering the fatal blow that finally puts an end to Evelyn's reign of terror. With their nemesis defeated and her lifeless body laid to rest in the cemetery, Max and Olivia are finally able to mourn their losses and begin rebuilding their lives together.

As the calendar flips to a new year, the bond between Max and Olivia endures, strengthened by their shared entrepreneurial ventures. Following his departure from his former employment, Max has successfully merged his passion for horror memorabilia with Olivia's sweet treats, forming a lucrative business partnership that brings him unparalleled joy. The icing on the cake comes when Max seizes the opportunity to pop the question, presenting Olivia with a sparkling engagement ring that she eagerly accepts, solidifying their love and commitment to one another. Meanwhile, Travis, still trapped in his zombie state, makes a peculiar appearance outside the shop, spinning a sign that adds an unexpected touch of whimsy to the scene.