Does Breakin' All the Rules have end credit scenes?


Breakin' All the Rules does not have end credit scenes.

Breakin' All the Rules

Breakin' All the Rules


In this sidesplitting romantic comedy, Quincy Watson's world is turned upside down when he gets dumped and loses his job. Finding solace in writing, he crafts a best-selling book on the art of ending relationships, but soon finds himself at the center of chaos as those around him take his advice to heart, including his cousin who leaves his stunning girlfriend for Quincy himself.

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In the midst of his own heartache, Quincy Watson (Jamie Foxx) finds himself struggling to come to terms with his recent engagement party debacle, where he was callously jilted by his now-ex-fiancée Helen (Bianca Lawson). As he pours out his emotions into a heartfelt letter, Quincy inadvertently crafts a guide on how to compassionately end a relationship. This unanticipated literary feat leads to the publication of his book, which catapults him to bestseller status and earns him the reputation as an expert in matters of the heart.

Quincy's newfound fame inspires him to share his wisdom with his male friends, including his boss Phillip (Peter MacNicol), who is himself grappling with the decision to end things with his gold-digger girlfriend Rita (Jennifer Esposito). Quincy offers words of wisdom to Phillip, urging him to take the high road and avoid further emotional turmoil. Meanwhile, Evan (Morris Chestnut), Quincy's cousin, becomes increasingly disillusioned with his own relationship with Nicky (Gabrielle Union) after reading Quincy's book.

Believing that Nicky is ready to move on from their relationship, Evan seeks Quincy's counsel, asking him to have a conversation with her and help her see the error of her ways. Since Quincy has never laid eyes on Nicky, he relies on Evan's description of her - long, black hair - to identify her at the local bar where they're supposed to meet. Quincy approaches "Mary" (Nicky in disguise) and begins to chat with her, unaware that she is actually his cousin's ex-girlfriend.

As Rita becomes aware of Phillip's plans to end their tumultuous relationship, she seeks solace in Quincy's house, only to find Evan masquerading as the host. The two begin an illicit affair, further complicating the already complex web of relationships. Later, Evan makes the fateful decision to confront Nicky at her home, only to discover that she has been secretly seeing someone else and was planning to do the same to him.

As a sudden epiphany washes over Evan, he makes the bold decision to confront Quincy at his workplace, revealing his newfound infatuation with Nicky and the revelation that she's been secretly seeing another man. This unexpected confession sends Quincy down a rabbit hole of self-discovery, ultimately leading him to uncover the shocking truth: "Mary" is, in fact, none other than the enigmatic Nicky.

The stakes are raised as the trio converges at Quincy's star-studded book launch party, where Helen returns from Paris with a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to rekindle her romance with Quincy. Evan, meanwhile, had planned a romantic proposal for Nicky, but his plans are left in shambles when he discovers that Quincy has already claimed Helen as his own. Evan's indignation boils over, prompting him to make a hasty exit from the party and embark on a solo quest to track down Nicky.

The next day, Evan confronts Quincy once more, announcing his intention to marry Rita - but little does she know that Evan's words are laced with deception. A chance encounter at the hospital reveals Phillip's sudden heart attack, leaving Rita stunned and heartbroken by Evan's dishonesty. Rather than being consumed by anger, however, Rita confesses her own deepening feelings for Evan, a revelation that sends Quincy into a tailspin of introspection.

With his relationships in disarray, Quincy makes the bold decision to end things with Helen and set off on a quest to win Nicky back. His search leads him to her doorstep, where a sympathetic neighbor shares the news that Nicky is preparing to depart for Portland by train. With time running out, Quincy embarks on a desperate pursuit of his lost love, confessing his true feelings as the train speeds away from the station and carrying them both towards a new beginning in Portland.